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Traditional to modern cleaning Techniques: What changes between this transition

Nothing remains the same forever. Change is the ultimate truth. Cleaning techniques and technologies are no exception to this rule. Due to the rise of modern technology and innovation, our life is evolving. Our constant search for solutions and more viable methods is why new contemporary solutions get produced in the market. Modern cleaning techniques are also no exception to this rule. The old traditional cleaning technique is modified innovatively, resulting in the current method.

Here we will take a closer look at the changes that occurred during this transition from old to new.

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Floor Cleaning: Traditional Vs Modern

In traditional floor cleaning, using a broom is very common. Sweeping the dust or debris from the floor using a single broom or dust mop is long and tedious. In addition, the floor gets mopped with a wet cloth, followed by a dry cloth to dry the floor. This whole procedure is more time-consuming. Also, the person cleaning the floor bends all the time while mopping. This can cause back pain in arthritis patients. You will be more prone to accidents.

An array of choices that can be used instead of a broom are available now. A vacuum cleaner is a viable invention and a great replacement. What makes a vacuum cleaner more appropriate, is its multiple features and design variety. You can get a stick vacuum, backpack vacuum, or a Robot Vaccum. A vacuum has a high filtration system and that kind of filtration will not only help clean dust. It also traps allergens, stopping them from recirculating in the air.

Meanwhile, the modern take on cloth mops is microfibre mops. This microfiber comes with an attached stick making it easier for the cleaner to clean the floor faster. Also, a great advantage of mopping sticks is that one can clean the floor while standing and the handle on the mop can take a 360-degree turn making it easier to use.

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Soap cleaning, traditional vs Now

Cleaning with soap and detergent has to remain the same over the year. The thing that changed is the availability of more variation. Nowadays, you get more options to choose from. Also, more organic options are available now. Products are made with awareness for the environment and are hypoallergenic.

Reading the labels first when you go to buy soap or detergent from the market. The detergent we buy from the market consists of synthetic chemicals. Natural detergent replaces some of these chemical substances with a natural alternative. But that doesn’t make it fully organic. Be aware of this information when you buy anything from the market.

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Surface cleaning, traditional vs now

Keep your surface clean as the surface becomes the medium for transmissible diseases. This is true for any area that gets exposed- including the table or countertop. But the perk of cleaning countertops is that they only need frequent dusting. It is comparably simpler than any form of cleaning. The main difference will be the material that is required. Traditionally plain clothes are used. But now, after we got introduced to microfiber, it is the best alternative for a more thorough cleanup.

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Traditional or Modern- which is better?

The effectiveness of both techniques is almost similar and the traditional method gets used in many households. But the take on modern technology is that it is more cost economical, less time-consuming, and easier. The difference is significant- making the new-age technique more efficient and convenient for all.

Ultimately, it is up to you to choose the technique you see best fit to use. Both methods have their advantage and disadvantage. You can make your choice depending on your requirement.

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