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Commercial Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning
Modern Office

Our cleaning company has years of experience in office cleaning, contract cleaning, and kitchen cleaning in various companies.

What you need are our professional cleaners that have the skills to cater to many cleaning needs.

We not only have our focus on keeping the floors clean but also ensure that several other components of the office are kept clean.

We can handle the floors, walls, windows, and stores in the office. 


None is able to match a company that has commendable ratings from major companies.

Open Space Office

Our office cleaners are trained to work in small offices as well as large companies

We are in a position to have the best-qualified staff to handle all commercial property designs. Using the best tools for the cleaning service, we will ensure that applicable tools are put to use in particular cleaning to bring out the best results.

With a thorough eye on the job, they will spot all the dirt on the office that needs removal.

Covid-19 disinfection

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning Services

"This preventive disinfection service was developed alongside independent experts in infectious disease and industrial hygiene. It is a comprehensive approach that goes beyond normal cleaning through rigorous health protocols for consistent cleaning and disinfecting by trained teams. This program was developed to reflect recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), the Occupational Safety.


The Environmental Protection Agency’s List N is the comprehensive, authoritative list of what chemicals are effective against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. All chemicals on this list meet one or more of the following criteria: demonstrate efficacy against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19); demonstrate efficacy against a virus that is harder to kill than SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19); or demonstrate efficacy against another type of human coronavirus similar to SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)."

Cleaning Windows
Carpet Vacuum

We are well aware of the presence of carpets and rugs in commercial offices and the need to keep them clean to maintain a healthy office environment.

We offer a wide range of commercial carpet cleaning services that will keep your needs sustained all through the year.

We strive to ensure that your office environment does not pose a health hazard to those working in the place by maintaining high cleanliness standards in the offices.

This service starts with light cleaning that involves brushing and vacuuming to deep cleaning that involves steaming, stain removal, and carpet rejuvenation. Hiring our cleaning company means that you will have your office carpet looking as good as new and have that attract more clients to your office.

Woman Rolling Carpet

Our commercial carpet cleaners are very experienced, highly trained, and fully qualified.

First, your carpet material will be examined before settling on the machine and detergents for use in cleaning. This protects your carpet from harm. Regular rug cleaning will remove dust and loose dirt.

The commercial carpet cleaners are ready to offer the services you need at any time of the day. Do not let other companies beat you to it; make an early booking today and save your spot. This will let you enjoy the experience of having professionals working on your carpet and rags.

Carpet Services


Hot water with cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpets, agitated into the carpet fibers, and vacuumed out.


This involves the use of a specially-formulated shampoo and a shampoo machine to extract dirt particles from the carpet fibers.

bonnet cleaning

This is an interim maintenance method that is often utilized for high traffic areas to keep the appearance clean in between more intensive cleanings.

dry methods

May be best for carpets that are more prone to moisture damage or that have round-the-clock foot traffic.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

We are the best commercial window cleaning provider.

Our cleaning company works with qualified commercial window cleaners that are in a position to reach where many are not able to reach.

We offer high-quality cleaning services at good prices to our clients. 

Using the most modern cleaning techniques to give a clean shine as well as protect your windows from a finish that will attract dirt to ensure you get satisfactory results.

If you settle on us, you will save both your time and money. We have the best to offer and want to make sure that you receive nothing but the best service. 

Think about the wonderful reputation that we have gained over the years by offering commercial cleaning to numerous companies.

This proves that this company is fully capable of offering the best. Having this us carry out your general office cleaning needs will warrant you our great price offers thus leaving you paying less for great services.

Our commercial window cleaners are trained to reach regions that other companies are not willing to go to. If your offices are on the 20th floor leaving many incapable or reaching great heights while giving a good clean, our staff will provide just what you need in no time.

With good finishing on your windows, you will have a perfect view of the surrounding through the glass. Our staff also handles glass stains during cleaning to leave your glasses as clear as they should be.

Washing Window

Hard Floor Care

Hard Floor Care
Wooden Floor

We offer comprehensive hard floor cleaning. We have teams that are experienced in handling different kinds of floor.

The best news is that we have machinery that is recommended for cleaning particular floors thus ensuring that your floors are not damaged.

We will have our staff inspect your floor type and its condition for free on booking.

Our trained commercial floor cleaners are ready to tackle any form of dirt on your floor that needs professional cleaning. We not only dwell on dirt but also clear off the tough stains that seem to be lodged on your floor. Since the office has wide use and high traffic all through the day, it is exposed to plenty of dirt that should not be left on the floor for long as it poses a hygiene issue.

The commercial floor cleaners are well equipped with ideas on polishing different kinds of floors to give them a glossy finish.

Our cleaning company does not only have its focus on cleaning these floors but also on maintaining the wood flooring. After ensuring that your floor is adequately clean, the staff will maintain the floor on a regular basis to ensure that it remains clean and retains an attractive finish.

Hard surface finished floors can be maintained through a scheduled maintenance program incorporating the following elements:


 Removal of all old floor finish (stripping), thorough cleaning and rinsing of the bare floor surface, and reapplication of several coats of new floor finish to protect the floor from damage and optimize appearance. 


Periodic interim maintenance involving removal of top layer of floor finish, thorough cleaning of the floor, and reapplication of finish. The performance of Scrub and Recoat jobs extends the useful life of the floor finish, saving money by reducing the frequency of costlier Strip and Refinish jobs. Also, Scrubbing and Recoating is an environmentally responsible alternative to Stripping and Refinishing, as it minimizes the need for harmful stripping chemicals.


Restores shine to finished floors to keep them looking their best. Depending on the traffic and requirements of the facility, Buffing or Burnishing may be performed anywhere from quarterly (low traffic areas) to monthly (typical office building lobbies and hallways) or more frequently (hospitals, supermarkets, and other retail environments).

Post-Construction Cleanup

Pos-Construction Cleanup
Tradesman and Architect at Construction

We work with lo­cal and national con­struc­tion com­pa­nies, as well as in­di­vid­u­al prop­er­ty owners and man­agers pro­vid­ing fi­nal cleanup af­ter con­struc­tion. Spectrum Building Services will get your new or refurbished fa­cil­i­ty cleaned up on time and on budget.

The level of reliability and consistency has made us the preferred internal partner to many companies as we offer reliable consistent work on tight timelines with zero re-work.

Quality and efficiency matter in this space. We will show up as planned, on time, and prepared to do the work contracted.

Because we are an operations-oriented company we work closely with your project managers and superintendents to ensure that all of your final walkthroughs never have a cleaning issue. In fact, we won’t leave the job site until your superintendent or project manager onsite say that they are happy with the work.

We ensure customer satisfaction at every transaction. This is a hallmark of working with us and our primary differentiator. We focus on what your needs are relative to your building to ensure a smooth final walkthrough and have the resources behind us that enables us to tackle your most demanding job.

Interior & Exterior Painting Services

Painting Services

Your health and safety is our utmost priority. In these challenging times, we have upgraded our leading interior & exterior painting services to make it safer than ever before for both our customers and painters.

We know that finding the right team for your painting project can be overwhelming. With our professionals by your side, the process will be easy and convenient — leaving you time for what matters most. We specialize in interior and exterior home painting. We can help you with all of your home painting needs whether you need assistance with your residential home or local business. Our painting services range in size from staining a fence to painting the entire interior and exterior of your home. You can count on providing home painting to your specific neighborhood.

Our team members at MetrowestCorporationMA are skilled professionals who take great pride in their work. Our team will make sure that they are punctual, keep you informed, deliver what is promised and guarantee our work. We’ll also get to know what’s important to you so that we can customize the way we work with your daily routine.

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