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Top 8 Ways to Get Rid Of Mold

Are you sick of gross-looking dark-patched mold thriving in your home, car, and working space? So here are some useful, amazing, and easy hacks to tackle them.

But first, let’s learn something about what are you dealing with?

What is Mold?

Mold: a fungus is found everywhere where there is too much moisture. Mildew is the most common species that grows in houses. The molds are found in a wide range of colors, and looks dusty, coarsely pigmented appears on food, closets, tiles, roofs, walls, etc.

Effect on the health of humans

When present in abundance, the mold can cause serious health problems such as respiratory and allergic diseases. Some species of mold release mycotoxins which causes brain infections. So, it becomes really important to remediate the mold as soon as possible.

Here are some non-poisonous methods listed below but remember to protect yourself by wearing some protective equipment such as masks and gloves before performing the mold removal process.

1. Preservation of your child-like home plant

If there is a small amount of mold in the plant-soil, you can remove the infected soil with a scraper, but if the mold is in a higher quantity it's better to transfer the plant to a new pot. Then apply an anti-fungal solution or baking soda solution in both cases.

2. Killing of carpet mold

Apply a mix of baking soda or vinegar or an anti-fungal agent on the affected area of the carpet. Leave it overnight. Furthermore, clean the carpet with a rigid brush to remove all the mold and then vacuum it using a filter.

3. Elimination of mold from the wall

Molds normally can be seen growing on the walls of the bathroom or ceiling as there is a high amount of moisture. Spray a solution of bleach in the water on the contaminated area and then use a brush to remove the spots.

4. Eradication of mold from makeup brushes and blender

Immerse them in a mixture of hot water and vinegar or soap for two or three days.

5. How to destroy mold from car interior

Sprinkle Borax or an enzyme cleaner against molds. Also, you can spray vinegar and water fusion on the affected part of the car. After 20 minutes clean all the leftovers with a car vacuum.

6. Knock-out mold from closets

Use a mold controller such as concrobium. Wipeout all the mold debris with a cloth and throw it away.

7. Remove mold from appliances

Apply vinegar or hydrogen peroxide or a mixture of lemon and baking soda then clean off it with a cloth.

8. Remediate mold from clothes, leather materials, and shoes

Use a combination of the same amount of ethanol or isopropyl alcohol with water on leather materials and shoes.

For fabrics, you can use good quality soap or vinegar to kill the mold.

To conclude,

Getting rid of mold is very crucial as it can eat away all the organic matter present in your house and offices. Additionally, it can cause several problems and diseases to humans.

Knowing about mold in your hour is an important task. Next comes the most imp part, i.e. how to remove mold efficiently without affecting other surfaces. If you don’t use the correct techniques, it will definitely harm your house.

If the above-mentioned methods are not sufficient to clear-off mold, don't hesitate to call a professional. We are a leading mold cleaning and commercial cleaning services provider in Alabama. Our experts know the best techniques to remove mold swiftly and effectively.

Call Metrowest Cleaning Systems now and connect with our experts. Our offices are based in Massachusetts & Connecticut.

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