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Tips To Keep Your Office Clean

It’s important to keep a clean and tidy office, for both the health of your employees and to boost productivity. It’s difficult to work if your office space is dirty and cluttered, but it can sometimes be difficult to stay on top of cleaning if you employ a lot of staff or work in a busy, fast paced environment.

Almost all offices use an external cleaning company to clean their office outside of working hours, but there are small things you and your staff can do to keep on top things day to day. Keeping a clean office reduces the risk of health issues amongst employees and sets a good impression for clients and visitors, so see below for some tips to keep your office clean round the clock.

Clean your electronics

Dust quickly builds up on electronic devices like keyboards and monitors and this equipment can harbour large amounts of bacteria too. Clean your keyboards, screens and mouse regularly using a soft cloth and antibacterial spray, and wipe down any telephone receivers too.

Keep the kitchen tidy

It’s easy for mess to build up if you have a lot of staff eating onsite, so it’s important to keep the kitchen clean and tidy throughout the day. Don’t leave all the mess for the cleaner to sort out at the end of the work day; encourage staff to wash up, clean up crumbs and stay on top of clearing food in the fridge before it expires.

Stay on top of rubbish

Again, don’t leave emptying the bins for the cleaners after hours if they’re full, overflowing rubbish is never a good look and it’s unhygienic too. Make sure you have enough rubbish bins throughout the office and invest in recycling containers for paper, cardboard, plastic and glass.

Get everyone involved

Keeping a workspace clean and tidy is a group effort, so encourage all staff to take responsibility for their own workspace, and work together to keep common areas tidy. Ensure you have organisers or equipment available so that staff can keep desks clean and organised, and consider a cleaning rota for areas like the kitchen or break room.

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