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Tips for cleaning your office after a Party

Office parties are fun and are perfect for rejuvenating your employees. Occasional office parties motivate your employees to perform better. But cleaning the space and making it as good as before is hectic.

So, here is an article guiding you through the simple tricks to make your workplace clean again.

Cleaning after parties is different from the cup of tea for your daily janitors to get rid of the mess left behind after an office party. While commercial cleaners can help you out, there are a few things you can maintain to keep the process hassle-free.

Here we will share a few things you can do to make the office party fun but less messy. Read on to find out all about the tricks to keep the premises clean.

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Here are some tips for cleaning your office after a Party:

Large trash cans in common areas

Before the party begins, instruct the janitors to set up large trash cans in the office's common areas. If there is a trash can at hand, people will use it. Depending on the office area, place at least three to four big trash cans strategically around the office. Also, ensure they are visible from every corner, so choose the ones in brighter colors.

Rubber mats over the carpeting

This is especially necessary if your office floor has carpeting. Spilling drinks or food happens when everyone is chatting in a buffet. But let us not ruin the precious carpet with stains. It will not make a good impression on visiting clients if they come across food or wine stains all over the carpet. Roll out rubber mats on the carpeting to prevent such issues. These are reusable and do not stain either or let the liquid absorb through them.

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Disposable tablecloths and napkins

Often keeping a party limited to the canteen or office kitchen is not possible if the gathering is big. The best way to make space if hosting the party within the office. Use disposable tablecloths to cover the work desks and turn them into a food counter or bar. Keep tissue boxes on every table so that people can access them from any corner of the room. This ensures that there is no spillage on the tables as well as people can clean up their mess as they self-help with the food or drinks.

Hand sanitizers on every desk

The last thing you want during the party is a rush around the sinks to wash your hands before food or after every little mess that happens on the premises. A rush around the sink will not only slow down the party but also leave the sink area sloppy and slippery from all the splashed water. A hand sanitizer on every desk solves the problem. People can quickly sanitize their hands before eating or after cleaning any little mess created by them.

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Keep a vacuum cleaner on the premises.

This is a lifesaver for whoever is cleaning after the party is over. Your professional commercial cleaner can quickly clean up the mess when you have a vacuum cleaner at hand. It helps to get rid of bare dirt and dust so that the office is available right from the next day.

Take down holiday decorations in time.

Holiday decorations can become a nuisance when not taken down, even after months. They sit around and collect dust which becomes a problem during the party. The dust can contaminate the food every time someone shakes up one of the baubles. Also, make sure the decorations are stored away correctly so that they do not cause any unfortunate accidents like people tripping over them as they move around during the party.

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Schedule parties closer to professional cleaning dates

A good strategy is to host a party a couple of days before the professional commercial cleaning service is scheduled. This way, you can get rid of the dust quicker with minimal effort. Professional cleaners can make the place squeaky clean and thoroughly sanitized. Thus, your office will return to its usual form in no time.

Now that you know everything about keeping your office clean after a party, host one without worries.

Get a professional cleaning service but no need to worry about managing the mess after every party. Host one as frequently as your schedule can afford sans any worry about cleanliness!

Contact Metrowest Cleaning Systems for top commercial cleaning services in town. Our services are based in Massachusetts, New Hampshire & Connecticut.

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