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Things to note when cleaning a commercial communal space.

Communal areas get accessed by all. As a result, it is tricky to keep them clean.

When a variety of people with different cleanliness and hygiene habits are accessing a place, it tends to get dirty very frequently. Regular janitorial cleaning cannot handle the pressure of keeping such a place clean. Thus, opting for professional cleaning services gets necessary for such a communal place. They have better manpower and equipment that help to clean the space more thoroughly and quickly. But certain habits and practices in the office can also ensure the areas are clean in-between scheduled cleaning.

Read on to find different ways to maintain cleanliness at such a place.

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What are the communal areas?

It is crucial to recognize the communal areas of your office to clean them properly. Once you know these zones, you can also set rules and policies to maintain the places hygienically. Here are examples of communal areas we often witness at commercial properties that your building may also have:

  • Meeting rooms

  • Dining, pantry, and kitchen

  • Bathroom

  • Lounge and lobbies

  • Staircases

  • Lobbies and reception

  • Entrances and exits

  • Garden

  • Parking spaces

Tips to keep any communal space clean

Depending on the purpose and use of the communal space, you need to maintain certain habits to keep the place hygienic. Here are a few things to do to maintain optimum hygiene till your next commercial cleaning gets done.

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Detailed cleaning checklist as per the space

Get a proper cleaning checklist made for each of the communal spaces. Or at the least, create a checklist for indoor and outdoor areas. You can get this made with the help of the property manager and the head of the janitorial team. The list should include everything about daily sweeping, dusting, and cleaning in such places. Pay special attention to meeting rooms, bathrooms, lobbies, and reception. These are the places that clients and people outside the organization are likely to access. Hence, keeping them clean is essential for the company's reputation too.

Proper cleaning schedule

Set up a proper daily cleaning schedule that must be observed strictly by the property manager. Ensure this is followed daily so that dirt and dust do not accumulate in the communal places. Since areas like the entrance and exit, meeting rooms, and lobbies experience a lot more foot traffic than any other place, they need frequent cleaning. This ensures these places do not accumulate too much dirt daily which can eventually settle down and make the place unhygienic. Scheduled cleaning every day ensure such dirt accumulation does not happen.

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List everything to be cleaned

The communal places have slightly different requirements for cleaning compared to other areas. Hence, make a list so that none of these things gets missed out by the janitors. Even if the place looks superficially clean, it can still appear gloomy if the window panes are cloudy or there are cobwebs from the ceiling. Here are a few important things to note regarding the daily maintenance of such places:

  • Handrails, door knobs, window hinges, and frames all need to be cleaned with proper metal cleaners to make them look shiny and new.

  • Take special care while cleaning the ceiling and dusting near light holders as cobwebs form the most in these places.

  • Daily wiping and surface cleaning for tabletops are important. Make sure coffee spills or water are cleaned immediately from wood tables or they will leave a permanent mark.

  • Schedule two to three times of vacuuming the office floors if you have carpet flooring.

  • Invest in a good air purifier inside meeting rooms and lobbies to effortlessly keep the place dust and allergen-free.

Whether it is your meeting room or the canteen- proper hygiene practices can ensure it is clean and accessible for all. The above-mentioned methods are a few of the things you must maintain to clean such a place. Along with janitorial and professional cleaning contractors, you can ensure the communal places in your property look and feel spotless every day.

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