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Quick Cleaning tips to tackle the Retail-Rush.

A retail business is profitable. However, managing it can be a task. From keeping the premises clean to getting more customers- there are plenty of things to do. Retail is essentially a seasonal business. Hence you will witness a "retail rush".

Among retail business owners, this is a popular term for the times when you get an extreme rush. Such stores experience high demand during Christmas, Easter, and similar occasions. The space gets messy. It is rather tricky to clean. On the other hand, the place must look impeccable so that customers consistently wish to visit.

Here we have shared a few quick cleaning tips that would make the store welcoming and organized.

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  • Increase manpower on the floor

The best way to tackle the retail rush is to increase the floor staff. When there is more staff to look after the customers, it gets much easier to tackle the retail rush. They can clean up after the customers as soon as possible. Occasionally, there is a lot of clutter during rush hours. When you increase the number of daily staff, they can quickly clear the clutter.

  • Have dedicated cleaning staff

The next important thing to note is hiring dedicated cleaning staff. Get commercial cleaning services provided by your regular janitors. Also, finding apprentices and interns at the store is helpful. They can dedicatedly fold and pile the clothes once they get cluttered. There is much work involved in cleaning and decluttering a retail store. Hence, having a crew of dedicated members who only work on organizing the racks, tagging the different clothes, and folding and cleaning trailed outfits would help the organization.

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  • Hire professional cleaners

Especially during the months when there is a retail rush, it is best to rely on professional cleaners. Get such services frequently. They can clean the place much faster and better than your regular janitors. Especially with increased foot traffic, dirt gets tracked a lot inside the store. Professional commercial cleaners can ensure these do not become a hazard. They will also ensure the clothes in the store do not get soiled from the dirt and debris inside. Lastly, they help with disinfecting the place daily. It is a necessary process as there are so many people trying out the clothes and going in and out of the store.

  • Have fresh welcome mats in stock

A quick way to minimize dirt and debris from getting tracked inside the store is changing the welcome mats frequently. Keep rotating the welcome mats. Have a fresh set at hand that you can lay down quickly once the existing mat gets too soiled. While the new mat is laid, the old mat can get cleaned so it can be laid later in the day. This trick helps to prevent contaminations and germs from getting tracked inside the store as the footfalls increase manifolds.

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  • Pay attention to high-traffic zones

There will be specific places in the store that attract higher traffic. It can be around the area feature sale products, or certain places which display daily-wear clothes. These areas are likely to get cluttered quickly as well as track too much dirt. Hence, keep a cleaning crew ready to handle these areas quickly and efficiently.

  • Alert customers about the cleaning schedule

Last, but not least, the customers should be alerted if basic cleaning gets done during the rush hours. Generally, customers appreciate the store's sincerity and priority for hygiene and are cooperative. Also, alerting them would prevent any mishaps and accidents which are normal when there is a retail rush in the store.

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Make your retail store look appealing and feel hygienic when you have the best commercial cleaning services at your disposal. We at Metrowest Cleaning Systems offer commercial cleaning services to retail and commercial business owners.

Make the most of the services provided by professional cleaners and smoothly overcome the retail rush. Besides such commercial cleaning services, you can also benefit by implementing a few of the cleaning tips shared above.

Contact Metrowest Cleaning Systems for top commercial cleaning services in town. Our services are based in Massachusetts, New Hampshire & Connecticut.

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