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Prioritize Office Reception Area Cleaning amidst Pandemic

Although reception areas and lobbies have always been on top of the cleaning list, the pandemic aftermath has pushed up vigilance regarding the hygiene of these high-traffic areas. To check the contaminants and germs at the gate, take safety measures through regular and deep cleaning.

While lobbies are meant to provide a welcoming environment for the visitors, they are also prone to entertain pollutants and germs.

Following are the cleanliness tips and measures one should religiously follow to ensure the safety of the staff and the guests at the commercial property.

Keep the room airy and spacious.

The chances of spreading any infection are when people come into close contact, so make sure that the seating arrangements in the lobbies are spacious and distant. A crowded room will not only make your office look disorganized, but it will also make the visitors uncomfortable. They may get the negative impression that the company does not care for its visitors' safety and hygiene. You can check the following tasks to ensure a comfortable and hygienic environment in the office lobby:

  • Get rid of the clutter - If your reception area also serves as a storage area for paperwork, stationery, and other company supplies, find a different location or a hidden solution for these items.

  • Keep periodicals to a minimum – While a few business-appropriate publications demonstrate your company's pulse (and give entertaining reading material), don't overcrowd your reception area with them. It will suffice to have a small, frequently updated collection.

  • Ensure proper seating space- Minimize and streamline furnishings in your reception area by fine-tuning them. To maximize space, minimize reception furniture to sleek, plain seat ensuring proper distance between two persons.

Check the traffic

If not maintained properly, the reception area can soon get crowded and mismanaged. Besides, it is unsettling to walk into an office and have no notion where you're supposed to go. By offering signage and other visual clues to direct your consumers, you can reduce misunderstanding and make them feel comfortable right away while ensuring to not get the place overcrowded. A smooth traffic flow will enable the janitors to check the places between and keep things going smoothly. From the minute your client walks into the office, make it clear where they should go.

Follow the daily cleaning checklist.

Since the lobbies receive heavy traffic daily, the janitorial team needs to attend to the cleaning chores daily, especially when there are threats of infection transmissions.

  • Waste containers should be emptied, and garbage bags, vacuum covers and tangles should be replaced.

  • Clean the attendance machines or equipment

  • Vacuum or sweep hard floor surfaces.

  • Using disinfecting cleansers, mop the hard flooring.

  • Dust workspaces, seats, tables, and computers, as well as furniture and office equipment.

  • Using a moistened cloth and EPA certified products, disinfect level surfaces.

  • Clean and sanitize the glass windows and doors.

  • Clean all the surfaces of contact and dividers

Deep Cleaning Checklist for reception areas and lobbies

Some areas are often overlooked during everyday cleaning chores and are also not possible during busy office hours. It is recommended for businesses to schedule deep cleaning once a 4 to 6 weeks. The deep cleaning checklist includes:

  • Vent Cleaning and vacuuming the office furnishings

  • Cleaning the window blinds

  • Dust and disinfect the areas that are difficult to reach or are hidden (for example, ceiling fans and the windows' highest points, etc.)

  • Any wooden furniture and hardwood surfaces should be polished.

  • Take time to remove unnecessary files or papers and organize the drawers.

  • Sanitize and Disinfect the reception upholstery

Wrapping Up

Now that you are aware of the essential steps to ensure your office reception's cleanliness and hygiene, make sure that you follow this handy checklist. Keeping the reception area clean and sanitized will ensure your staff and visitors' safety and improve your public image as a responsible organization.

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