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Precautions to take during Night Shift Cleaning.

Often companies look for commercial cleaning services which offer flexible time and can work at night shift. Especially if the company has regular working hours, they prefer such cleaning services. This means they can maintain their regular office hours to accommodate the service.

But as a cleaning service provider, offering services by night calls for certain preventive measures and healthy practices. This ensures you can do the work efficiently and stay energized.

Here we have shared a few precautions and habits to observe to ensure you can provide satisfactory professional commercial cleaning services to your clients.

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Some precautions to be taken are as follows:

  • Work with a team

Especially if you provide night shift cleaning services, it is wise to have at least 2-3 people assigned to the task. Even if one professional cleaner can complete the task, it is better to send at least two people for the same during the night.

This is safer for your employees as well as your client. If one faces any mishaps, has a sprain, or falls down a ladder, there will be at least one more person to help them out. Moreover, when at least 2-3 people work together, they will chat, ensuring they stay awake at the job.

  • Upbeat music

Nothing works better than music to make any job seem easier. Especially during the night shift, when it is our instinct to sleep, playing upbeat music on the premises keeps everyone energetic and awake. It is impossible to fall asleep if you have some Metallica playlist playing through the night.

However, you should consider the location if you play it on a speaker. If the building is more or less empty and it is not a residential area, you can freely play any music in the dead of night. But if other active offices are on the premises, keep the volume reasonable. Last but not least, you can always have your headphones on if you cannot play the music on the speaker at the premises.

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  • Have periodic breaks

When your team is working the night shift, you should be more lenient with breaks. When professional cleaners can freely take breaks whenever they want, they are likely to be more productive and make the most of their work time. They will be more focused on the work, which will get more work done in less time. Also, such gestures from the employers make the employees feel loyal and grateful to the company. It also ensures their overall mental and physical health gets boosted. Breaks will also keep the commercial cleaners alert and less sleepy from working during the night.

  • Avoid food that makes you sleepy.

If you must work the night shift, ensure you are eating right. Food items like rice, turkey, sugary foods, and carbohydrates make people sleepy. They induce the production of melatonin hormone, making the person feel lethargic. As a result, the workers will need help staying alert and awake while they work. Instead, keep energy bars at hand and lots of coffee. Energy bars make your feel rejuvenated but do not induce sleep. Also, avoiding working with a full stomach makes one feel sluggish and eventually hampers the task.

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  • Good lighting and work schedule

It is also crucial to have good lighting on the work premises while working at night. Refrain from entirely relying on the client's lighting facility and make arrangements for separate lights. This ensures your workers do not get overstrained trying to work in dim light. Also, have a proper schedule for the night shift workers. Plan the entire workflow for the night beforehand so they can efficiently execute it. This also prevents any last-minute confusion, and the overall task gets completed within time.

If you maintain the habits mentioned above, you can rest assured that working the night shift will feel smooth. As a result, you can provide quality service and flexibility that will draw more potential clients to your business.

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