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Make your carpet look always new with these easy tips.

When it comes to cleaning, carpets should be the topmost priority of the home and business owners. That is because carpets are more prone to dust and allergens. If not attended timely, cling soils and pollutants can affect the indoor air quality and cause breathing issues.

Besides, stains and marks make the rooms look dirty and leave a bad impression on the visitors.

Here are the seven most effective tips to keep your carpet look all-time new:

Protect your carpet

Many people clean their carpet frequently only to end up spending huge sums on its replacements. Therefore, I would suggest you protect the carpet from dirt and stains in the first place.

Now how will you do it?


  1. The most common carrier of dirt in the house is shoes. So, remove shoes before entering the room. You can place a shoe stand at the entrance to indicate your visitors to remove shoes at the door. Or you can use a different pair of slippers inside the house.

  1. Alternatively, using indoor and outdoor mats will help reduce the dirt entering your house. Wipe your shoes on the mats and ask your family members to do the same.

  1. You can also place rugs in high-traffic areas like a staircase, entryway, or living room to protect your carpet from dents. Rugs are very much convenient. You can replace them anytime or move them whenever you need them to other areas.

  1. Use mats or pads under the couches, chairs, and other furniture. Make sure you use them, especially during parties or functions at home when carpets quickly get stains.

  1. There are also carpet protection films available in the market you can use as a protective shield to your carpet.

Remove the stains instantly.

While many people don’t know this- never rub the stains back and forth! Instead, use a terry towel or a paper towel to absorb the spill. Ensure that the towel used is colorless lest its color will stick onto the carpet, causing more trouble.

After you absorb the spill, use a stain remover to clean the mark if you do not have any in your house, not to worry. You can mix white vinegar, baking soda, dishwashing liquid, and warm water to make a stain cleaning solution. Put the mixture in a spray bottle, apply over the stain and again blot it using a dry towel.

Bad odor treatment

To check foul smell from the carpet, sprinkle baking soda over the carpet and then vacuum clean after an hour or two. If the smell is too strong, you can leave it overnight. You will be surprised to know that vodkas can also work magic for you to get rid of foul odor.

Carpet stretching

If you notice that the carpet is bunching up, go for carpet stretching. It will give a brand new look to your carpet and increase its longevity. Take professional assistance for the task.

Set vacuum routine

If you have pets, it is vital that you vacuum regularly. Animal dander can make you ill or cause allergies. Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA microfilter or double filter to remove dirt and dander from the carpet. Vacuum clean the carpet at least once a week, even if you don’t have any pets.

Deep clean once a year

As a final resolution, call a commercial cleaning company and get your carpet deep cleaning treatment. Deep cleaning once a year will increase the carpet life and keep it looking fresh and new.

Wrapping up

With these easy-to-follow tips, you can always make your carpet look brand new. The preventive measures and resorts discussed above are sure to solve your quest for an all-time clean carpet with minimal effort.

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