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How to keep your school facilities clean after reopening

As the numbers of COVID cases continue to sink and the vaccination drive fast-forwarded, the US Government looks forward to reopening the educational institutions this fall. Although the number of public schools offering full-time classroom learning has risen, there is still a lack of confidence among parents and guardians.

If you are planning to reopen your educational facility, make sure that the students and parents are confident of your vigilance regarding the cleaning and upkeep of the school premises.

Here are 5-tips you can put to use to make your educational facility safe for students and staff.

1. Develop a cleaning plan

As a first step, develop a cleaning plan and communicate it to all the school members. While laying down the procedures and protocols, it is vital to consider the size and the age of students.

Ensure that you have the following aspects covered in your cleaning plan:

  • Guidelines to be followed by every student concerning their personal hygiene, for example, hand hygiene etc.

  • Disinfecting strategies with EPA-approved disinfectants for high-traffic areas

  • Daily plan for disinfecting the entire building by professionals

Refer to six steps for cleaning and disinfecting your school, instructions issued by CDC for detailed information.

2. Implementation, maintenance and revision of the cleaning plan

For a successful implementation of the plan, you can form a cleaning council that includes school administration, teachers and students. Make use of signboards throughout the school premises as a reminder for everyone. Ensure an adequate supply of soaps, sanitizers and disinfectants.

Installing a plan will not suffice if it is not followed and upgraded from time to time. Consequently, it is advisable to make sure that everyone is clear about these responsibilities.

3. Inculcate hand hygiene.

All kinds of germs spread through contact with the infected persons. As per the CDC guidelines, avoiding exposure to the virus is the best way to prevent Coronavirus. The other best way is the regular washing of hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.

Ensure that this culture of hand hygiene is established among the school staff and the students, for that matter. To assure that these guidelines are adhered to by everyone, increase monitoring.

Place 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizers near the frequently-contacted surfaces, like doors, water fountains and shared spaces and equipment.

Ask the instructors or the staff to supervise young children below six years of age when they use sanitizers.

4. An adequate action plan for sick students

Besides taking all these precautions, it is crucial to have an action plan in place should any student exhibit COVID-19 symptoms. The most common signs are cough, fever and tiredness.

It is recommended to have an area designated near the school entrance for sick children. Make sure that the waiting room has proper ventilation and that designated staff is available there. Equipment such as surgical masks is provided to the child.

Having a standard procedure in place will help to deal with the situation without creating stigma. Other preventive measures include the daily screening of the body temperatures and the habit of self-isolation among the students and staff if they feel unwell.

5. Hire trained janitorial staff

Cleaning and disinfecting the facilities for children require more attention and care. Many of the cleaning and disinfecting products are harmful to health. Therefore, make sure that your janitorial staff is well-trained and skilled to use the products according to the labelled precautions.

Make sure that the facility is adequately ventilated not only during cleaning but also throughout the day.

Alternatively, you can also hire professional cleaning contractors to enhance the cleaning quality.

Final Words

While managing and supervising cleaning staff can be a daunting task, leave all the pain to commercial cleaners.

Why take pain of cleaning and maintaining your property when a professional team of cleaners can help you at it. A reputed commercial cleaning company will boost confidence among the parents and guardians of your school. It will not only save you time and money but also uplift your school’s reputation.

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Happy Cleaning! Stay Safe!

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