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How frequently should you clean your commercial facility?

A commercial building calls for much effort and maintenance. You must ensure the place is hygienic to bring more clients or businesses willing to rent a segment. But how often should you opt for commercial building maintenance and cleaning? Such cleaning services are much more thorough and systematic and involve advanced tools. They are much more evolved than janitorial services and hence give better results.

Consider all criteria affecting the facility to determine the best way to schedule a commercial building cleaning procedure. Read on to find out all about them.

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Why is commercial building cleaning necessary?

A clean and hygienic ambiance is essential for customers, employees, and anyone visiting the building. It ensures their health and safety. At the same time, it makes your property looks presentable and feels comfortable enough.

A commercial cleaning service has advanced technical tools to make your building spotless and remove all germs and allergens. They have specialized professional cleaners and tools which are not available to conventional janitors. Moreover, they have professionals who know how to handle such equipment thoroughly. Professional cleaning services can quickly and efficiently make the building more hygienic that last longer despite the heavy traffic.

The frequency and extension of such services depend on many factors. Here we have listed a few criteria to consider when planning to schedule a building cleaning and maintenance session with professionals.

Factors that affect the frequency of commercial building cleaning

Here are some questions to consider before you determine the necessity, frequency, and extent of building cleaning and maintenance services needed in your facility:

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The size and expanse of the facility

The first and foremost thing to consider is the area of the facility. Irrespective of the number of employees or average foot traffic you get, a sprawling place needs more time and effort to get cleaned. Hence, you will need a service provider who is reputable and has the amenities to offer such an extensive service.

Moreover, the sprawling areas tend to have many minor problem zones that require frequent attention. This is why, you need to assess the entire facility, its expanse, and its total area to find a suitable cleaning service provider.

Type of business you own

Irrespective of the size of the facility, another important factor that affects your commercial cleaning schedule is the business type. Some business facilities require more frequent cleaning because of the genre of the business. For example, if you have manufacturing units that generate a variety of debris daily- the facility will also require frequent cleaning. Moreover, medical facilities require frequent cleaning since it concerns the health of the patients residing there. In short, any commercial area that deals with a business that may generate pollutants and germs will require a more frequent cleaning schedule than others.

Shared or private space

Many commercial buildings are shared by several companies which have a variety of products, services, or manufacturing businesses. The cleaning service is centralized though. Depending on the types and the number of companies in the facility, the cleaning schedule must be made accordingly. Shared spaces are more likely to need daily cleaning since there are much more foot traffic and a variety of people coming and going from the building. This means germs spread more easily within such facilities.

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Foot traffic

The last but most important factor is the average foot traffic of the builder. With more foot traffic, more germs will get tract within the facility. As a result, it will require frequent building management and cleaning services to get maintained well. the foot traffic depends largely on the type of business as well. Hence, the factors are interconnected.

To manage a commercial building efficiently, it is wiser to have a dedicated building management and commercial cleaning service at your disposal. Keeping the above-mentioned factors in mind, make a schedule for your cleaning service and ensure the building is in optimum hygienic condition.

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