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Best floor cleaning practices

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

The recent scenario of the global medical emergency has evidently taught us the importance of hygiene and cleanliness and it's high time we implement the best techniques for the same. Floor cleanliness is a very vital part of the impression of a company, office, etc. A good quality floor cleaning practice is essential for every business be it office buildings, school buildings, showrooms, health care facilities, etc. The appearance of the floor is as important as the hygiene itself, as it reflects the attitude of the authority and how they maintain their workspace.

You wouldn’t want to visit a doctor with unclean and unhygienic floors, right?

As obvious as it is, floor cleaning is very important for the overall cleaning of any space.

Floor cleaning has many aspects and the most important one of them is the process of cleaning the floor.

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Best floor cleaning practices

Floor cleaning practices are selective for the type of floor. It varies for different types and texture of the flooring. The type of floor is determined by the material used in the floor like stones, tiles, carpeting, wood, etc. Different floors require different types of maintenance and cleaning methods.

Also, industrial floors are a whole different sector that requires advanced professional cleaning methods and tools and equipment.

With time technological solutions and equipment are being used for cleaning purposes that not only provide clean but also safe and healthy floors. Especially with the current threat of germs and viruses, hygienic floors are the need of the time.

But when we say ‘best practice’ one practice is not always the answer. Every type of floor requires different cleaning practices and also different environments require appropriate cleaning practices. Residential suite flooring and industry flooring would both require different practices.

Also an important feature of a ‘best practice’ today is its sustainability and environmental safe.

Features of the best floor cleaning service:

Provide a healthy and safe environment

Long term results

Should not damage the flooring in any way

Should be safe for the environment and not produce toxic waste

Let’s look at some floor cleaning practices

1. Strip and Refinishing

Strip and refinishing is a very fundamental way of floor cleaning and can be improvised and enhanced for different floors. Most floors do require a basic strip and wax process in their cleaning routine.

The first step is the application of a stripping chemical which will help in removing worn and aged wax from the floors. Mostly a microfiber mop is used by the servicer for this work.

After letting the stripping agent sit for a sufficient time, a machine scrubber is used to scrub the floors and remove finish and sealers.

After complete removal of residue, the floor is checked for proper air circulation. Followed by application of finish stripper floor is scrubbed of any excess residue.

Now, the floor is mopped with clean water and a multiple layer wax is coated on the dry floors. Every layer is dried before the application of another layer. The application of a minimum of 3 layers is advised. The process of applying wax layers is done until enough wax is applied according to floor type and foot traffic.

This simple service can completely change the look and feel of your floors.

2. Burnishing

The process of burnishing is a shine enhancing process than just stripping and waxing. Burnishing is used for making your hard floors sparkling and shining. This process involves partial removal of the wax layer and deep scrubbing.

For a good burnishing service use of proper equipment for particular floors is important. Appropriate pads with coarseness and rpm rate are essential.

Simply a burnishing service after a strip and wax service will help keep it shiny as new for a much longer period despite the foot traffic.

The burnishing process is started by thoroughly cleaning the surface to remove any loose dust and dirt. Any left dirt forced into wax will hinder the process and the floor will not shine as they should.

Health care facilities, corporate office buildings, reception areas, common meeting areas, learning centers, etc. are places often in requirement of floor burnishing.

3. Auto-scrub and Recoat

Large square feet of areas are best to clean using this process. Floors are cleaned releasing cleaning liquids and chemicals, a rotating pad with a scrubber and a water suction vacuum simultaneously. This equipment is capable of penetrating deep and removes any stains which are not easily removable.

Using a floor cleaning machine is pretty similar to a lawnmower and simple. Generally, floor cleaning machines work for all types of floors but overly porous floors, ill sealed floors, and natural wood floors need extra cautiousness and care.

Auto-scrub floor cleaning machines are a great tool for maintaining high foot

traffic areas.

Takeaway: Metrowest Cleaning Systems- your perfect Floor Cleaning partners.

It is evident now that floor cleaning is not just about moping the floor. The concept of maintaining floor is far beyond that. And one professional commercial cleaning partner can definitely be your helping hand in that.

We at Metrowest Cleaning Systems work with technologically advanced floor cleaning equipment’s and can surely help you keep your commercial space clean. Let us know, it you have any queries or need our help. Our offices are in Massachusetts & Connecticut location. Contact us and let us take the pleasure to get started with your commercial space cleaning.

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