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6 Types of Industrial Cleaning Services Your Building May Need

Industrial spaces such as factories, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, self-storage buildings, and power plants receive major footfall from the regular staff and thousands of visitors every day. For most of the time, businesses were asked to work on one-third of their staff capacity during the pandemic. Now when restrictions are lifted, and everyone is back to work, it is the responsibility of the business owners to prioritize cleanliness to keep the infections and health hazards at bay.

Given the situation, industrial cleaning has become more crucial than ever.

This article highlights the six types of industrial cleaning your building may require.

Types of Industrial Cleaning

The nature of business varies from one company to another. Therefore, the cleaning tasks will also depend upon the type of junk collected in day-to-day activities. Following are some of the most common types of industrial cleaning offered by industrial or commercial cleaning companies:

Asbestos Removal

There are still many older structures that contain asbestos. Because of its insulating characteristics, this material was commonly used in construction. Asbestos, on the other hand, became well-known for its capacity to cause cancer. Asbestos is still employed in various items today, though to a considerably lesser extent than in the past. Asbestos removal is frequently entrusted to crews of industrial cleaning companies.

Mold Removal

Mold is prevalent in many buildings. Fungi may grow almost anywhere that has light and moisture. Mold, if left untreated, can cause a slew of health issues. You can find it in air ducts and vents in various places, from the tiniest home to schools, office buildings, and just about everywhere else. It dries out and cracks, allowing individuals to inhale significant amounts of harmful microorganisms. Only a trained mold remediation specialist can assist you in air testing, mold testing, and providing mold remedial services.

Hydro blasting

Pressure washing, also known as hydro blasting, is a high-pressure water blasting process for removing paint and lead. It's usually utilized for removing huge amounts of mastic and epoxy coatings from vertical and lateral surfaces. It can also be used to remove paint from highways, parking lots, and airports.

Lead Removal

Lead was once incorporated into paints because it was thought to aid corrosion resistance and speed drying. When the paints ultimately peel and flake, allowing individuals to breathe in the particles, the threat of lead arises. It can result in lead poisoning, which can disrupt and shut down every organ system. Even though lead-based paints have been prohibited in the United States since 1978, there are still many structures that are considered hazardous.

Lead removal entails utilizing chemicals to break down various lead and lead derivative-containing coatings. Make sure you hire a lead abatement business that the Environmental Protection Agency has approved.

Power Vacuuming

Chemicals, debris, metal shavings, and other contaminants can be found on your facility's flooring. These chemicals are out of scope for regular janitorial services. The only way to remove debris and contaminants from your equipment, walls, and floors is to use industrial vacuum cleaners. Heavy-duty vacuums with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are necessary to keep dirt and allergies under control.


Any chemical leak in the cosmetics or pharmaceutical industries might be hazardous. Hire an industrial cleaning firm right away to protect yourself, your employees, and your products. A good commercial cleaning company provides professional decontamination services to ensure that your facility is a safe place to work.

What to look for while hiring an industrial cleaning service?

At least 25 US states have adopted the OSHA standard, while the remaining 25 states have adopted the federal safety standard, similar to OSHA requirements. The Industry cleaning company you choose must possess the staff skilled and expert in handling equipment safely and how to dispose off the hazardous chemicals. Ensure the commercial/industrial cleaning company you hire follows these guidelines and is specialized in the type of cleaning your building require. We at Metrowest Cleaning Systems follow all the guidelines and ensure that our client gets the best and satisfactory results.

Wanna know more how can we help you? Contact us now. We are based in Massachusetts, Connecticut & New Hampshire.

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