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What to consider before reopening your business post-COVID-19

According to WHO, the Corona Virus is spread through liquid secretion from the infected person to a healthy person. When an infected person coughs, sneezes, or speaks, the droplets of saliva or respiratory secretion carry the virus to another person.

While the bigger droplets contaminate the commonly-used surfaces like floor, table, and chair easily, the smaller droplets, on the other hand, remain suspended in the air.

Hence, it is crucial to keep the surface and air of the facility clean and germs-free.

This article lists the critical measures for reopening your business facility after Covid-19 confinement.

Proper air ventilation and filtration system

In the absence of a proper ventilation system, the risk for viral transmission is more due to air recirculation. Therefore, allow more of the outside air by adjusting fan schedules and avoid air recirculation. For example, switch on the fans 2 hours before using the room and switch off 1 hour after you are done. If possible, rely on a natural ventilation system.

Besides, air purification is also crucial for better indoor air quality. You can install air purifiers in busy areas before reopening. Indoor filtration systems with HEPA filters and air handling units with FP9 filters are highly effective in cleaning and disinfecting the indoor air.

Ensure that the air handling units and ventilation pipes are cleaned and disinfected before you reopen the office.

Also, controlled humidity levels between 40 to 60 percent restrict the survival of viruses and germs.

Office cleaning plan

Experts suggest there is no need for deep cleaning if you shut the facility for more than seven days. However, cleaning and sanitizing the office is still advisable before you reopen.

Most importantly, it would help if you had an ongoing cleaning plan in place. You can decide the frequency of cleaning depending on the size and number of people attending the facility. Nonetheless, to be most effective, you can opt for at least weekly cleaning your office at the minimum.

Additionally, it is advisable to have a predefined action plan in case of any COVID case.

Equip your facility

As per the WHO recommendations, set up a teleworking environment as much as possible to adhere to social distancing.

If that’s not possible, not to worry, make the seating arrangements following the physical distancing protocols under the guidelines issued by the US government. Avoid sharing of workstation and equipment. Six feet of distance between the space desks is suggested.

Consider updating the door access system to a touch-free option. Make use of digital technology for capacity threshold in commonly-used areas if possible.

Additionally, make sure that your office has adequate supplies of tissues and hand sanitizers. Place closed bins for safer disposal of tissues and ensure easy access to customers, visitors, and staff to wash hands with soap and water.

Openly communicate with your workforce and customers.

Discuss all the preventive measures and guidelines regarding business travel, split-shifts, physical distancing, expected behavior, and remote work policies for sick and at-risk people with your teams.

You can speak to your customers openly about the protective protocols you want them to follow regarding delivering goods and services.

Hire a skilled team of professional cleaners

The cleaning and disinfecting requirements of every business are unique. For example, the cleaning needs of a restaurant will be different than that of a manufacturing unit.

Therefore, it is advisable to hire a commercial cleaning company that understands and follows CDC guidelines concerning your business’ cleaning and disinfecting needs.

Final Words

The above measures include WHO recommendations, CDC guidelines, and experts’ views. These easy-to-follow tips will surely help you create a clean and healthy working environment. Let your employees feel safe and confident as they return to work.

Make sure your office space is clean and highly-sanitized before you plan to reopen. Because, your employees’ safety is important. Book a deep-cleaning and sanitizing service with Metrowest Cleaning Systems based in MA & CT to safeguard your office space from germs and pathogens. Talk to our experts regarding your personalized cleaning requirements and get quotations for the same.

Happy cleaning! Stay safe!

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