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What are the benefits of floor stripping and waxing? Why hire professionals for it?

Do you know when people visit your house or office, what appeals to them the most?

Yes, the clean and bright floors! They attract the most.

Dusty and dull floors not only make a place unattractive, but they also affect the aura of the property. The dirty floor often reflects the negligence of the owners towards health and hygiene.

Trust me, investment in floor stripping and waxing will create the best impressions on your customers and visitors. They will surely appreciate you for taking care of the well-being of your people and guests.

Let us first understand- what is floor stripping and waxing.

Floor stripping is a process used to remove old wax, soil, debris, and dirt accumulated on it.

No matter what material is used in flooring, the floors tend to gouge and lose their shine. The flooring used in the heavy traffic areas like lobbies and cafeterias is obviously to get plenty of stains and scratches.

While waxing the floor, a new finish is re-applied on the floor making it look cleaner and shinier than ever before.

However, the process is more tedious and time-consuming. Also, the materials used in the flooring of various buildings and spaces are different. Thus, it is advisable to hire professionals for the task. Moreover, the commercial cleaning services understand what products best suit the type and condition of the flooring.

Why not have a look at the advantages of floor stripping and waxing in detail?

Protects the floor

The accumulated dust can make the floors slippery. Once the floors are stripped and waxed professionally, it becomes unlikely for the dust to stick onto the flooring. It protects the floor and makes the cleaning more convenient and effective for the janitorial staff.

Removes imperfections and save money

Dents and scratches are much obvious over the floors that face a lot of foot traffic. These blemishes force people to consider replacements that can be a lot more expensive. Timely maintenance of floors helps to remove permanent marks, scratches, and other flaws without spending thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements.

Adds luster to old flooring.

Environmental factors and foot traffic drags in dirt and pollutants that contact the wax coating of the floors. These draw dust and dirt that clings to the flooring wax and do not come off by mere mopping. After a while, dirt built up is developed on the floors causing discoloration. This further results in dullness and ugly notches that can be avoided through timely stripping and waxing. Additionally, waxing creates a protective layer that keeps the floors free from stains and adds luster.

Prevents tile breakage

The most common damage caused to tiles is the penetration of debris and dirt into the floor surface. These can lead to floor lifting and the breaking of tiles eventually. The breakages within the tiles let the moisture seep under the flooring and weaken the glue that holds the tiles together.

As a result, the tiles shake and move when someone steps over them. Not only, it looks unprofessional but also causes safety hazards for people walking on them.

The professional cleaning services use high-quality floor finish and the latest technology to seal these cracks efficiently. The technology provided by professional cleaning companies is not easily accessible to the local consumers. So it’s always wise to hire commercial cleaners for floor stripping and waxing.

Why rely on professionals for floor stripping and waxing?

It can be risky to attempt to strip and wax the flooring or apply the protective coatings on your own without consulting the professionals. As we have discussed earlier, the types and specific conditions of the flooring may vary. Using the wrong products can cause unnecessary and immense damage.

Various factors can affect adversely if not taken care of, such as the temperature of water used in solutions, the reactivity of various solutions with water, the material used in flooring, etc.

Therefore, hiring commercial cleaning services is highly recommended if you decide to go for floor stripping.

Wrapping up

When it comes to floor waxing and stripping, it is always best to hire professional cleaning services that are well acquainted and equipped to provide the best cleaning treatment. They are experienced, have the proper knowledge and equipment required to restore the shine and beauty of your floors.

So, why wait for anything when you can get easy access to customized floor cleaning and other commercial cleaning services? Metrowest Cleaning Systems is a leading commercial cleaning company in Massachusetts & Connecticut geared to provide the most efficient and affordable cleaning services to customers. Connect with our cleaning experts now and get a customized plan of services. Contact us now and get amazing discounts.

Happy cleaning!

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