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Ultimate Restroom Cleaning Checklist For Workplaces

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

There is a significant difference between regular cleaning and commercial cleaning. Commercial cleaning services are essential if you want to see a neat and clean workplace and remove the probability of any infections.

Cleaning restrooms is important but it becomes even more necessary in the case of commercial restrooms. This cleaning checklist will be a helpful guide for you if you are stuck on how to do and what to do!!

commercial cleaning

Here is a curated list of 11 practical steps for cleaning your commercial restroom-

Follow the checklist to make sure that you don't miss any single place in making your workplace a comfortable, beautiful, and pleasant working environment.

Place the wet floor signs

This step is crucial to avoid any injury and make people cautious about the ongoing cleaning work.

Dust and sweep

The first thing is to clear any kind of dust from the floor and sweep it clean.

Emptying the trash

Put the collected trash in a dustbin to avoid spreading it by mistake.

Refilling all the items

After dusting and sweeping the floor, the next step is to refill all the items in the restroom. This step includes soaps, towels, toilet paper, and other sanitization products.

Cleaning the toilets and urinals

This is one of the most critical steps of the whole process. Remove any debris from toilets and urinals. Put the cleaner formula in the bathrooms and Urinal and let it sit for a few minutes. After the time has passed, clean the toilets and urinals from both inside and outside.

Cleaning sinks, mirrors, and counter-tops

The first step is to remove any signs of smudges, fingerprints, or water stains. Then in the second round, clean the sinks, mirrors, and countertops with the cleaning formula. Wash with a microfiber cloth.

Cleaning the walls

People usually forget to clean the walls during cleaning. The walls need to be adequately cleaned. Along with the doors, the door partition, and doorknobs also have to be cleaned thoroughly.


Dry all the surfaces that were cleaned. Apply polish or glass cleaner on the metal fixtures. Wipe the polish after a few minutes to avoid any buildup.

Cleaning the drains

There are two types of drain cleaners, acid, and enzyme. Acid drain openers use sulfuric acid to remove any blockage and completely unclog drains. They are very harsh and should not be used regularly.

Facilities that have septic tanks should refrain from using acid drain openers. There are chemicals in drain cleaners that can affect the regular activity of septic tanks. Enzyme Drain openers are less harmful. It can use enzyme drain openers daily. They prevent drains from clogging. Septic tanks can also use enzyme drain openers.


Go back to the high-touch areas which you cleaned. Use a microfiber cloth and properly wipe the surface and fixtures from top to bottom. Don't use the same microfiber cloths for all of the restrooms.

Use different microfiber cloths to clean other parts of the bathroom. Clean the toilet and Urinal properly. If any cleaner or disinfectant is left on any surface, remove it with the fiber cloth. Make sure you have disinfected all the places and haven't forgotten any.

Mopping the floor

After following all of the above advances, the floor should be washed with a wet mop, from the rear of the bathroom to the entryway entrance. Close the door and don't let anyone enter for some time. Let The washroom dry for some time.

Wrap it up!!

By following these steps correctly, you can clean your commercial restroom properly.

Keeping commercial restrooms hygienic isn’t that easy. You need good equipment and invest a huge chunk of time in cleaning it thoroughly. If you don’t want to waste your time in keeping your workspace clean, hire professional cleaners who can help you with that. We at Metrowest Cleaning Systems, use the best products and equipment for building management cleaning. Using good cleaning products will remove all stains properly and make your lavatory look pristine. Let our experts do their job while you have enough time to focus on your work!!

Happy cleaning!!

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