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Tips to Clean Office Windows Perfectly.

A spacious office with ceiling-high windows looks fabulous but can get tricky to maintain. The glass panes eventually turn cloudy and weather-beaten if you do not maintain them well. But with the help of professional cleaning services, you can clean the windows thoroughly from time to time. They have specialized cleaning techniques for such windows. By the end of the service, your window will look spick-and-span.

But what happens till your next window cleaning appointment?

Here we have shared a few tips to maintain the overall appearance and crystal-clean look of the glass around the year.

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Avoid cleaning on a sunny day

One of the most crucial points to remember is not to wash the windows on a sunny day. The soap and water will dry in minutes, even before you clean it off. As a result, there will be marks of running water all over the windows, making them appear cloudier than before. The water trails all over the window will dry even before you can wipe them off when the sun is scorching outside.

Vacuum before spraying cleaners

There will be tiny and almost invisible dust particles on the interior and exterior surfaces of the window. No matter how well you clean it, these happen overnight daily. Before you spray the cleaners and polish them to make the window clean, use a hand vacuum to remove this dust thoroughly. If left as it is, the window cleaner solution and the dust together will create a gooey mess that will be difficult to remove.

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Clean from top to bottom

Ceiling-high windows are tricky to clean, especially on the outside. To clean these windows thoroughly, start from top to bottom. The water and cleaning solutions will be running down from the window. This will make it easier to clean the windows without much effort. If you are trying to clean from bottom to top, you put in more effort to reach the entire pane.

Do not use newspapers to wipe the windows

Many offices have spare old newspapers lying around. As a result, daily, people use these to clean the windows. They get considered a viable option as they wipe off the surface well without leaving behind any lint. But newspapers do not work well with cleaning solutions. They become soggy and cannot wipe off the cleaning solution thoroughly. Also, the ink dissolves from the solution and leaves behind odd streak marks. As a result, you will end up cleaning the window twice if you try to wipe it using a newspaper.

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Invest in good window-cleaning solutions

There are very specific window cleaning products and solutions available in the market. Invest in these for your daily janitorial use. They are effortless to use. As a result, you can upkeep the windows even weeks after a professional cleaning gets done. Also, do not compromise on the quantity of the solution get used. A big-picture window will require a liberal amount of the cleaning solution to get thoroughly wiped. Hence, use the product in quantities as per the brand, to get the optimum result after cleaning.

Avoid using squeegees

Squeegees look convenient to clean or rub any type of window or smooth surface. However, they can get messy when you try to squeeze them. The last thing you want is to make the floor sloppy while cleaning the windows. It will be disastrous if you have wooden or carpet flooring. Only use squeegees if you know how to use them correctly. Otherwise, stick to the equally good microfiber towels.

Now that you have some fail-proof tips to ensure thorough cleaning of your office windows and other areas. If you follow these measures, you can quickly make sure that the office windows appear clear. When the office looks bright and has a cozy ambience it will impress your clients as well as uplift the productivity of your team.

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