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Things you should know about post-construction cleaning services


As soon as the construction of your dream house or office is complete, you are eager to get into it and enjoy its new vibes.

Have you thought about getting a green flag from dust and clean-up professionals?

Yes… you heard it right.

It is very important to get the air quality checked before moving into the newly constructed house or office. During construction, a lot of dust accumulates in the air ducts and snuggles under the carpet. Post-construction, emissions from adhesives and paints which are based on volatile chemicals can cause breathing and other health issues in the longer run.

Although the construction companies do take up the responsibility of getting the cleaning services done, there are considerable chances that few things like air filters and ducts go unnoticed. Therefore, it is vital to hire professional air-duct and post-construction service providers.

Here are a few things which you should know about post-construction cleaning services:

Hiring professionals for post-construction cleaning is a must because they are equipped with the tools and specialized skills required for intensive cleaning. These people are well aware of the safety hazards. They are pro and well-versed with the best cleaning methods and techniques that a layman may not know of.

Therefore, it is always better to hire people who are specialists and cleaning experts, so that you don’t have to worry about renting and buying the specialized equipment resulting in thousands of dollars of money. Besides, it would be unwise to take the risk of accidents when you have no idea about the safety measures and precautions required during cleaning.

Another aspect that is important to know is using your financial resources cautiously. Most of the time, people often miss taking the post-cleaning expenses into account. Here’s the tip, get quotations from two or more contractors before hiring them. Usually, the expenses of the cleaning services depend on the material used in construction, accessibility of the contractor to the ducts, location of the house, and how much deep cleaning is required. Therefore, it is advisable to compare the checklists and different pricing offers from the top cleaning service providers in the town.

The average cost of post-construction cleaning may fall between $300 and $500. This also depends upon the number of ducts, their configuration, and the size of the house. We would suggest avoiding the services that offer super low prices as it can result in wastage of time and money.

As it may take several hours to get the job done at satisfactory levels, it is better to ask the estimated duration to avoid any chaos and hassle.

Finally, ask the service provider for the cleaning checklist and compare it with the one you have created on your own to make sure that all the tasks are done effectively and in an efficient manner.


Getting complacent after the building is constructed may cause more expense in terms of hazards from debris, glass shards, and stray nails. Also, if you are thinking about saving money by getting into DIY, consider all the expenses and pains you may have to take that would cost way more than hiring a cleaning company.

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So, invest in cleaning services and move into your new place feeling safe and secured.

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