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The Ultimate Moving Out Cleaning Checklist

Moving or shifting to a new house or a new location is like a new chapter of your life. But cleaning the mess of your old or new house or office place can be a stressful job. And mostly the Move-out Cleaning is neglected in the anxiety of shifting to a new place.

But Metrowest Cleaning Systems Commercial Cleaning Company in Massachusetts & Connecticut is here to help you out. We are a team of experienced professionals helping to clean the mess with our affordable services.

When it’s time to vacant the property, you need to make sure that the property is tidy and polished. It’s time to clean and repair all the surfaces, but are you stuck in personal and professional life and want some expert help?


Leaving your old place might require you to clean the property as a part of the agreement or lease. You must ensure cleaning the property as you move out to protect your security deposit.

But while moving to a new place, cleaning the old one is almost impossible. Moving out cleaning is one of the extreme jobs that must be done only by an experienced property management cleaning services company.

Complete Cleaning Checklist

1. Living Area

  • Sweep and vacuum all floors.

  • Dust each part including ceiling fans and windows.

  • Clean all the doors and knobs.

  • Clean all the switchboard and switches.

  • Remove all the nails, posters, or pictures from the walls.

2. Bathroom

  • Clean all the sanitary ware.

  • Rub and clean the shower and bathtub.

  • Mop out the complete flooring and tiles.

  • Cleaning of toilets.

  • Cleaning of mirror, sinks, and other platforms.

3. Kitchen

  • Clean the cabinets from inside.

  • Clean the microwave.

  • Mop the platform and clean it thoroughly.

  • Defrost the fridge and clean it thoroughly from inside.

  • Clean all the kitchen appliances from inside and outside.

4. Hall Ways and Stairs

  • Hoover and vacuum clean the rugs and carpets.

  • Wipe and clean out any shoe or foot marks.

  • Dust off and clean the doors, hinges and also the radiators.

  • Make sure to remove all spider webs and any other insects.

  • Mop the inner hallway and stairs.

  • Clean the railings for smudges and hand marks.

5. Polish to Glow up the Interiors

  • Clean everything from top to bottom, and rub away all the dirt.

  • Lift up the movable furniture and clean them from bottom.

  • Polish all wooden surfaces to make them termite proof.

  • Wipe and clean glasses with proper window cleaning solutions.

6. Take care of Details

  • Wipe and deeply cleanse all the garbage bins.

  • Look at hard to reach areas because they are the homes to pests.

  • Throw away all the waste and non-usable items.

  • Wipe away the dust and grease all items like fans, mowers, etc.

  • Steam clean all curtains and rugs.

  • Remove any stains of blood, paint, juice or anything from rugs, bedsheets and mattresses.

7. Clean Carpets

  • Firstly, move all the stuff from the carpet or rug that comes in the way of carpet cleaning.

  • Hover the carpet from both the sides so that all the dust comes out. Also, check for the dirty edges of textile floor.

  • Look for any stubborn stains on the carpet like milk, wine, paint, wax or any other tough stains on the carpet. Try to clean these stains.

  • Stem clean your carpets if needed.

8. Don’t miss on the outside details

  • If you are done cleaning everything inside the house, it’s time to look at the outside property. All the walkways, driveways, patios, exterior flooring, garage and sheds needs to be clean and organized before you leave the property.

  • Look at the basement area for any musty smell. If there is any smell, you need to clean that as well.

  • Wipe and clean any leaves, mould, moss or oil spills in outside property.

  • Inspect, if there is any rust, get it done before providing your landlord with the property.

  • Check for marks and scratches on the gates, borders and fences.

  • Clean the shed and organize everything nicely.

  • Wipe and clean the pathways, and driveways.

  • Inspect for any external lighting issues.

But doing all this on your own can be a disaster. To help you out in this extreme work of moving out cleaning, Metrowest Cleaning Systems is here for the help. You can rely on our experts to get your work done in the least time and at the best price.

What makes Metrowest Cleaning Systems the best Property Management Cleaning Service Provider?

Every corner of your new place will glow in your welcome when cleaned by our expert team.

We are the best property management cleaning services provider in Massachusetts & Connecticut, because of the quality of our service. The key points that make us different and better than others are-

  • We ensure that our customer is satisfied.

  • Our cleaners and workers are highly experienced and trained.

  • We use environment-friendly and sustainable cleaning products.

  • Our team will guarantee that the work is completed on time.

  • We are the most reliable and trustworthy cleaning services provider.

  • Our services are available at extremely affordable pricing.

We also offer customizable plans according to the size of the place and your needs. Using the services of our experienced professionals you can make your moving in or moving out cleaning process smoother and hassle-free.

We ensure that every nook and corner of your property will be spotless and each point on your checklist will be covered up.

Still stuck and want expert guidance about move-out cleaning services, feel free to contact us and get a free estimate.

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