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The Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

You can hire a professional cleaning service from time to time. But how does one survive the months in between?

Cleaning of dust, and dirt and the need for minor repairs become a necessity now and then. Your home will accumulate dust depending on its location and the activities taking place. By the time the next scheduled cleaning service takes place, the house may become too dirty. The key to avoiding this is occasional clean-ups following a proper checklist. You can organize the cleanup perfectly when you have a clear idea about where to start. But this does not give the required result like a professional cleaning service.

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Checklist For Monthly Cleaning

Few nooks and crannies of your home need monthly supervision. This ensures there is no need for an emergency scheduling of the clean-up service. Here are the factors which call for monthly cleaning and supervision:

Inspecting drain pipes

You must check the basin pipelines and washbasin drains once a month. If it gets clogged, the problems become acute. Emergency unclogging and plumbing service is the last thing you want to get worried about. A quick home remedy to clogged drains is a mixture of vinegar and baking soda down the drain. It will start bubbling. Leave it for 15 minutes till the bubbling subsides and then pour some boiling water down the drain.

Showerheads and bathroom taps

Water stains are stubborn and difficult to remove. Moreover, they set in very quickly unless you clean them every day. You must check them often for mineral deposits. Cleaning these deposits is crucial to prevent rusting in the long run.

Check the Air conditioner and leakages

Air conditioners require occasional servicing, especially after the summer. Professional cleaning will clean the air filters that get clogged with dirt over the years. As a result, its ability to cool gets reduced. A solution to keep the AC going till the next scheduled professional cleaning is to keep it turned off for some time to prevent overheating.

Cleaning Checklist for a bi-yearly cleaning

There are a few items that require less supervision. Checking on them once a year is good enough. Here are a few such items that you must check:

Inverter batteries

If you have an inverter at home, maintenance is essential to prevent last-minute disruptions. Refilling the battery with distilled water must be done bi-annually as a part of the maintenance tasks. This will also improve the shelf life of the batteries. It also improves their efficiency. Professional cleaning services can help you out with battery maintenance.

Landscaping maintenance

Professional cleaning services help with landscaping and gardening as well. However, your landscaping will eventually outgrow it. If that gets too scattered, you may have to hire cleaning services sooner. Or else, you must dedicate some time to maintaining the garden. Watering the plants, plucking off weeds and other growths, and removing debris from the landscape are all part of the maintenance.

Dusting and tidying the house

Dusting, tidying, and organizing the house once in a while will make it more presentable till your scheduled professional cleaning take place. Foot traffic, various activities, and natural elements- all lead to dust and dirt being tracked into the house. Little dusting daily keeps the dirt from setting down.

When you have the proper checklist for maintaining your home, scheduling a professional cleaning service will become easier. The home maintenance checklist when followed properly ensures your house appears well-maintained. Commercial cleaning services can assist you well and ensure the house is rendered spotless. But the occasional cleaning is essential so that your home remains presentable in the meantime.

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