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The Difference between Carpet Dry Cleaning and Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is long due but confused about what type of carpet cleaning you should go for? Well, this is the right article for you. Go for a read and decide for yourself what is better, carpet steam cleaning or carpet dry cleaning. There are two kinds of carpet cleaning processes that are performed - Carpet Dry Cleaning and Carpet Steam Cleaning.

Both these methods can give great results but the main difference is the amount of water used in the two processes and the process itself.

The result of cleaning completely depends upon the technician and the equipment used.

Carpet dry cleaning

The process:

  • Considerably less water is used in this process.

  • Takes less time than the steam cleaning process.

  • The carpet is pre-vacuumed and the dry soil is removed first, using the equipment.

  • After the vacuuming, the carpet is treated with a dry-cleaning solution. This dry cleaning solution helps in breaking down the oil residues, which is the main reason why the dirt sticks into the carpet in the first place.

  • Using a rotary machine, cotton pads are rinsed and conditioned and the dirt is released from the carpet. The pads are replaced as per requirement.

  • The carpet is ready to walk-in about one hour after its cleaning process.

  • The result of the cleaning process mostly depends upon the technician, the use of effective sprays to remove dirt and grime, and the time spent on vacuuming or extracting the dirt from the carpet.

Benefits of Carpet Dry Cleaning

  • You don’t need to wait to walk on the carpet immediately.

  • Water usage is too low which reduces the risk of carpet being damaged or saturated.

Disadvantages of Carpet Dry Cleaning

  • This process doesn’t clean the deep-down dirt stains. It is also difficult to clean stubborn stains.

  • Some dry cleaning processes can lead to carpet discoloration.

  • The rotary action in some dry cleaning methods like Encapsulation Cleaning and Bonnet Cleaning can lead to damage of delicate carpet fibers.

Confusion: Hence, it is mandatory to get your carpets cleaning by an experienced commercial cleaning company as the experience of the staff is essential in handling delicate and expensive carpets.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

The process:

  • The word steam here refers to the use of hot water in the steam cleaning process.

  • The carpet steam cleaning process is time-consuming.

  • The carpet is pre-vacuumed for dry soils to turn to mud.

  • Steam cleaning, also called Hot Water Extraction Cleaning, involves injecting hot water into the carpet with high pressure and then extracting the water out. Because of this dirt is sucked out of the carpet along with water.

  • In addition to hot water, chemicals are also used in this process.

  • To ensure that the water penetrates deep into the carpet, stains on the carpet are treated before the process using a pre-spray to release the surface tension and loosen up the oils that would be impossible to remove otherwise.

  • The water that is initially sprayed on the carpet is then sucked up.

  • It is not possible to dry up the carpet as soon as the water is sucked up. It takes at least 24 hours for the carpet to dry.

  • Without proper pretreatment, steam cleaning can prove to be pretty ineffective. Oily residues must be removed thoroughly for steam cleaning to sustain.

Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaning

  • Steam cleaning provides deeper and thorough carpet cleaning. The dirt and grit accumulated at the base of the carpet also get removed by this method.

  • The process works the best for removal of allergens, dust mites, and other bacteria in carpets.

  • The process also removes stubborn stains deep into the carpet fibre and makes it look clean.

Disadvantages of Carpet Steam Cleaning

  • The carpet gets wetter and you need to wait before walking on the carpet. But different cleaning companies allow certain waiting time which you can ask them.

  • The process involves risk to the fibres of the carpet duet to over-wetting. Hence, hiring an experienced carpet cleaning company is the best solution.

Conclusion: The Steam Cleaning method fits perfectly for the thorough carpet cleaning and is mostly recommended by many carpet manufacturers.

The Rundown

Carpet Dry Cleaning:

  • Carpets are always pre-vacuumed

  • Oily residues are easily broken with the help of dry-cleaning solutions.

  • More stains targeted.

  • Helps restore the chemical balance of the carpet and make it shine as new.

  • Ready to walk-on in one hour.

Carpet Steam Cleaning:

  • Excellent results are achieved if the process is performed properly by qualified technicians.

  • Pre-treatment is ineffective at removing oily stains. Stains may reappear if not treated effectively.

  • The carpet is left very wet and takes up to 24 hours to dry.

Carpet Dry Cleaning vs Carpet Steam Cleaning- all you need to know!

Now you know which method is more convenient for you. Both processes serve the same purpose but with different results of-course. Dry cleaning can be your go-to move whereas for long-due deep cleaning one must go for the steam cleaning process but make sure the stain removal process is done effectively, and you are all sorted.

Understand that there is no ideal method of cleaning that suits everyone. Hence, choose the one that fits your requirements. Just choose the cleaning company wisely, because carpets are a good investment and you cannot let it get damaged so easily.

We at Metrowest Cleaning Systems based in Massachusetts & Connecticut use advanced equipment for carpet cleaning. We also offer many other commercial cleaning services like office cleaning, move-in move-out services, project-based cleaning, property maintenance cleaning, and many more. Connect with us now to get a free estimate of your carpet cleaning.

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