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Safety Precautions to Maintain during Commercial Cleaning

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Professional cleaning services are essential periodically to upkeep the office and other commercial spaces. It gives much better results than the regular cleaning undertaken by your office janitors. With professional-grade equipment and cleaning solutions, professional services are executed quickly and effectively. However, it can also pose certain health hazards if the necessary precautions are not observed.

Professional cleaning service observes the ultimate safety precautions for their employees but it is also important for the clients to maintain some precautions to avoid exposure to the chemicals being used.

Here are some tips to make the commercial cleaning process hassle-free and safer.

Commercial cleaners

Evacuate the office or schedule the cleaning for another time

The safest option is to conduct the commercial cleaning service during a time when the office space is empty. However, it is not always feasible especially if the cleaning service operates during regular work hours. Look for the option to conduct the cleaning on a weekend. Otherwise, it is best to evacuate the office for a few hours or for that specific day.

Wear masks and PPE

If it is necessary to stay present on the spot during the cleaning service is executed, wear a mask and PPE kit. Consult the professional cleaning service beforehand. Usually, the reputed service providers will offer you all the necessary gear so that you can stay present on the spot and supervise. Correctly wearing the kit is essential to avoid leakage of the fumes and other hazardous materials that are being used.

Stay out of the way of the cleaners

Cleaners working on your property will likely set up ladders and other elevations are the place to thoroughly clean the nook and crannies. Stay out of the way of all these make-shift elevations to avoid accidents. Avoid roaming around the property while the clean-up is being conducted. This will prevent exposure to harmful fumes as well as keep you safe from spills and tripping over the different equipment scattered around.

Remove clutters

Office spaces have a lot of clutters like old machines and spare chairs and types of machinery lying around. This clutter can pose a trouble when the cleaning service starts. While your professionals can assist you with decluttering the space if it is a part of the package, you must also try to pile them in a corner so they do not affect the cleaning process. They can pose safety hazards like minor and even major accidents when everyone is busy with the cleanup and does not notice the unnecessary items lying around.

Machines and chemicals used

The clients must have a detailed discussion regarding all the machinery and chemicals the cleaning service is going to use. This is to ensure, none of the products used has a lasting effect. Some chemicals often give out harmful fumes even after a few days from the day of cleaning. These can pose health hazards for the employees when they resume work. Discussing with the cleaning service provider beforehand about the products being used and the possible side effects help to avoid any adversities in the office. Moreover, they can offer you alternatives like green cleaning solutions if you are uncomfortable about too many chemicals being used.

Signage and Emergency exits

People or other offices around must be cautioned too so they do not come in the way while the cleaning process is ongoing. Hence, ask the commercial cleaners to put up the relevant signage around the property to avoid hazards. Moreover, some areas have legalities as well regarding commercial cleaning, and such signages are mandatory. Also, get the cleaners well acquainted with all the emergency exits of your commercial property so they can quickly leave the building if there is any major problem.

Observing all such safety precautions regarding the cleanup ensures you not only create a healthy workplace but also prevent any health hazards while the work is done. Make the workplace healthier with advanced cleaning services by Metrowest Cleaning Systems so your clients and employees feel safer. Our commercial cleaning services are based in Massachusetts, Connecticut & New Hampshire.

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