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Nine important apartment cleaning issues to keep in mind before New Tenant Move-in

Basic Prep for a New Tenant

It can be stressful, hectic, and clumsy to move a tenant into your property if it is not involving preparation. And you do not need to turn the world upside down, as we present you with a few easy yet fundamental steps to ensure your transition easier.

Here are nine important steps you should address prior to having a new tenant move into your rental.

Repair Damages and ensure to address Healthy and Safety Issues

We do overshadow this very basic error during our preparation. It should rather come out as an obligation for a landlord to repair any existing damage, health, or safety issues at the property for both tenant's as well as property's safety.

Safety Issues and concerns

Apart from safety concerns that address damage issues, the landlord must ensure that there are two forms of exit from the unit and that all carbon monoxide as well as smoke detectors are working properly and are in a good condition.

Health Issues

Make sure to check for signs of mold and lead bases paint hazards, especially for buildings that were constructed before 1978.

Clean the Property- the most attractive part

It is rightly said, First Impressions last forever!

The first impression of the property would indeed become possible if it is squeaky clean. This is especially important if you are doing an apartment turnover, meaning that a previous tenant was living in the unit. Most importantly, make sure to touch the necessary cleaning areas, such as tub, toilet, stove, and refrigerator. Your property must be clean and tidy before you showcase it to your tenants.

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Look for Issues with Heat, Plumbing, or Electrical malfunction

You must make a good note to see, for safety and otherwise, that all utilities are working properly. Make a double check to see that heat works adequately in all rooms and that there are no clogs or leaks in the plumbing section. The outlets (kitchen, bathroom) and overhead lights should be operational as well. All these seemingly unimportant tasks, do count as quality living for the tenants, therefore do make a good note of it!

Review and Sign Lease with Tenant

First things first, a must to do is that you should go over the lease agreement with the tenant so that they fully understand what they are agreeing to. A well-aware tenant would trust you better, than a tenant who is blindly agreed to sign! Once the step is done, make sure you and the tenant should sign and date the lease agreement.

Collect First Month's Rent and Security Deposit

It is highly recommended that you collect the first month's rent and an entire security deposit before the tenant finally moves in. The only possible exception for not collecting the first month’s rent would be if the tenant is receiving government assistance.

Have Property Inspections Completed

As much as this depends on your town's laws, it is highly possible that your unit would be inspected by a home inspector before a tenant moves in. The inspection is mainly to guarantee you the Certificate of Habitability. Before divulging further in, make sure you check your town's rules as they may vary from others.

Change Locks

You should always change the lock of the doors for the safety of the tenant as well as to protect yourself from liability. A few bucks would save you from the unnecessary stress of key issues.

Provide your Tenant with your Personal/official Contact Information

You should beforehand provide the tenant your contact information so that the tenant finds it handy and easy to contact you for questions and complaints. You can either provide them your contact (personal or official if you have one) or an email address, but make sure that you let them know beforehand the contact timings or official business hours- 9.00 am to 5.00 pm unless it is a case of an absolute emergency!

Make sure you address any specific tenant requests or conditions

Most likely, your tenant might have a specific request that could either include organic paint for allergic tenants or a disability that requires a service animal. Make sure you know about them well before the time, so that all arrangements go well.

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Managing properties is one important thing as it lets you create a first impression on your prospective tenants. A clean and tidy space attracts all and this should be your key mantra before showing rental properties to new tenants.

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