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Must-have checklist for spring cleaning

Once the chilling winters are over, it’s time to prepare your homes for the spring and summer. I know you can’t wait to enjoy the fresh air and blooming flowers outside.

But wait! You need to bring the fresh air inside your home too! And what could be the perfect time than spring to clear up the dirt accumulated during those cold days?

Although spring cleaning is a daunting task, one should not miss cleaning these essential things and areas of your house:

Air filters

Despite being an essential chore of spring cleaning, people often overlook their HVAC systems and furnaces. Dirty furnace filters and air filters spit back the dust after you have cleaned the house.

You can replace the standard filter with a better one. Air-filters with a high MERV rating restrain the harmful particles from entering your space and keep the premises dust-free. Also, replacing the air filters is a cost-effective way to a cleaner and healthier air.

Clearing up the fireplace

If the chimneys in your house are cracked, blocked, dirty or leaking, do not wait for them to impact the indoor air quality. They may cause allergens and toxic particles to ruin your lungs and respiratory system if not addressed immediately.

If you are new to it, book an appointment with the commercial cleaning services and get it cleaned without delay.

Ceiling fans and fixtures

While ceiling fans easily catch dirt and build grime, they are also easy-to-forget areas during cleaning. Use an extendable duster to clean the ceiling fans, mouldings, hanging lights, and other fixtures.


Springtime allows you wide open the windows and let the fresh air rejuvenate the indoor aura. However, when it comes to regular cleaning, windows are usually off the list.

Use a cleaning solution to clear the dust from both sides. Scrubbing may leave scratches on the window glass. So try soaking them in a solution made of mild soap and clean water. This step will break down any debris and dirt accumulated on the window surface.

After that, you can apply a softer cleaning agent and dry it with a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Wipe out the dust from window sills, blinds, curtain hardware and frames. Machine wash or vacuum clean the window coverings. Make sure you follow the directions on the label for safe cleaning.


When the houses are shut during the frosty season, they are more likely to accumulate grime and dust. Dirty carpets deteriorate the air quality of the house and may cause breathing issues. Steam clean your carpets or call professionals for the time-consuming task. Ensure you welcome the new season with clean carpets and rugs.

Kitchen Pantry and refrigerators

Give a status check once a month for the kitchen pantry and refrigerators. Spills and stains attract pests and cockroaches when left for a long time.

Empty your refrigerator and switch on the defrost button. Clean the shelves using a mixture of soap and warm water. Wipe beneath and behind the refrigerators and use a sponge to clean the interior surfaces that can’t come out.

As a pro tip, you can always wipe the shelves simply before stocking the groceries every week.

Kitchen and bathroom drain

The handiest trick to unclog the kitchen and bathroom drains is to use baking soda and white vinegar. In the ratio of one to two, pour baking soda down in the drain, then slowly course the white vinegar. After 15 minutes, run hot water through the drain.

Beddings and mattresses

Lastly, remember to wash comforters and pillows as per the label directions at least thrice a year.

Use a crevice tool or vacuum to extract the dirt from the surfaces and sides of the mattress. Use a stain and odour remover to get rid of marks and foul smell.

Bottom Line

A thorough cleaning is a must after winters are over. However, addressing at least these areas to a minimum will be effective.

For more assistance, Metrowest Cleaning Systems company in Massachusetts & Connecticut is always there to help!

While the checklist we have curated is easy to follow- but why take the burden when we are here to help. For any other query or help in spring cleaning, you can call us anytime. Our commercial cleaning services are open to serve you with the best cleaning products and experience. Ditch the burden of cleaning and leave everything on our professionals. Let us take pride in cleaning and disinfecting your building. Schedule a quick call and get a free estimate depending on your customized requirements.

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