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Is hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning worth it?

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Occasionally getting your property cleaned with the help of professionals make the place enriched in so many ways. It adds to the property value, enhances longevity, and ensures overall health and hygiene. End-of-lease cleaning is a mandatory part of your end-of-lease contract. This highlights the best aspects of the property to its next potential renter. One of the most important parts of end-of-lease cleaning is carpet cleaning. Though many questions its necessity, there are some specific techniques of cleaning the carpet that only professionals can pull off. Carpets look stunning on the initial days. But eventually, they discolor, get stained, get moldy, and whatnot.

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So, what do professional carpet cleaners do that set them apart from your regular cleaning?

What makes the carpet so dirty?

You clean and vacuum the carpet occasionally, yet it does not feel the same compared to brand-new ones. Sounds familiar? There are so many things that can make your carpet feel too greasy and old. Recognizing these signs helps to plan the professional cleaning service schedule accurately. Here are a few tell-tale signs that your carpet is dirty:

  • Molding and mildew growth are common in old carpets, especially in hot and humid regions. If your carpet is quite old, this is a frequent issue you get to face.

  • Spills like juice, wine, or any other liquid can leave stains that make the carpet look dirty.

  • The material of the carpet affects the amount of dirt it attracts. Carpets with tall piles tend to attract a lot of dust. The dust and grime that comes with air settle down into the carpet.

  • In commercial places, foot traffic is the reason behind the carpet getting dirty. As many people come and go wearing shows, they tract the outdoor dirt.

How does Commercial Carpet cleaning work?

There are several ways in which commercial carpet cleaning get provided. The method is dependent on the intensity of dirt and grime accumulated on your carpet. Here are a few professional carpet cleaning methods that get followed by most organizations:

  1. Steam cleaning- A device with a wand or brush that pushes the steam into the carpet fiber gets used for this method. The heat and the water help loosen the dirt. After this, the water and debris get extracted from the carpet.

  2. Rug shampooing- The carpet or rug gets cleaned using detergents and water. A rotating brush and a hose get used for the process. The hose uses high pressure to eject water and detergent. Then the brush is used to scrub the carpet. The process gets repeated several times till all the dirt gets remoted.

  3. Dry cleaning is a method where a powder gets ground into the rug. This powder can attract dirt and grime. It is then scrubbed out using a rotating brush.

Is the Professional carpet cleaning service worth it?

The question is often asked by potential clients. How does professional cleaning differ from the usual home cleaning? If you consider the methods, tools, and equipment, there is a significant difference. What's more, commercial cleaning for your carpets is much more thorough and has a lasting effect compared to regular cleaning.

Carpets are heavy and require a lot of effort and time to clean. Even when you vacuum or wash it often, it remains lackluster compared to the brand-new look. Also, a lot of effort goes into it. With the help of professional cleaners, you need not put in the effort and the carpet also looks brand new once the clean-up is done.

It can be rightly said that professional carpet cleaning is worth the money. When you compare the professional results with your domestic methods, the difference is stark. Keeping this in mind, getting professional help is the most practical choice for maintaining carpets.

Contact Metrowest Cleaning Systems today to book your commercial cleaning services. Our services are based in Massachusetts, Connecticut & New Hampshire.

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