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Importance of Keeping Businesses Safe This Fall & Winter Virus Season

The beginning of winter with a continued state of the pandemic has raised the stress of keeping ourselves safe. It is due to an increased chance of catching cold and flu. The infection pandemics throughout the past have had devastating consequences. In the recent case of COVID-19, there is a high chance of scattering this virus in enclosed areas. It has significantly raised the concern of employers. They are now required to implement some effective precautionary measures to keep their workers safe. Employers must protect their personnel resources each time any such prevalent virus or any other biological risk.

It is mainly to safeguard its future business operations. Employers should expect such periodical outbreaks and be prepared to take some proactive steps that defend their employees. It is on considering a well-known quote which states that it is better to be ready for something that does not occur than not being prepared for something that happens. We at Metrowest Cleaning Systems in Massachusetts & Connecticut offer such effective cleaning services at your workplace. It will help you operate in a stress-free environment and stay safe in this chilling winter season that calls for several types of influenzas. We promise to provide you a safe and secured work environment to continue attaining your professional goals in a worry-free surrounding.

However, a disaster can strike almost anytime, regardless of planning and implementing precautionary measures. In such difficult situations, the businesses need to keep their employees fit with little effect on the operations. There should be a principal focus on resuming safely and practically. Many business organizations have turned to Metrowest Cleaning Systems as the commercial cleaning expert for tips and tricks to keep their workers and clients safe. So, here we present some advice for you to be secure and avoid catching infections this season-

  • Focus on frequent clean-up of touched surfaces.

  • Encourage the workers to clean their keyboards, phones, as well as door handles after use.

  • Minimize direct interaction among the employees and allot staggered shifts to lower the chances of transmission.

  • Allow virtual meets and teleworking to limit in-person events.

  • Allocate leaves to the symptomatic workers.

  • Remind the workers about the guidelines of social distancing in the office.

  • Implement quarantines for those who are returning from high-risk zones.

Apart from the above-stated suggestions, the employers can together execute a screening program at the workplace. It is mainly to provide free testing to the workers who are showing any signs of the flu. It is also to test those returning from high-risk zones and advise them to stay home for a preset time. It is until the incubation period passes and helps others avoid developing any flu-like symptoms. Employers should consider ways to handle those who got exposed to the flu, even if not contracted. It is for those who have stayed home to take care of a sick family member. Mandatory testing for employees returning to work will help businesses operate efficiently.

We at Metrowest Cleaning Systems have the top-notch cleaning services to disinfect all kinds of facilities. We use the same system that is used to sterilize the operating rooms of hospitals. Our system uses an electrostatic sprayer that facilitates the sterilizer to cover more surface area on a microscopic level. Also, the electric charge attaches the disinfectant to the surface. We then implement surface handling to prevent the viruses and bacteria from living on the surface. It is paramount for the business owners to be ready with a cleaning and disinfecting plan. It is mainly to keep them safe. All employees rightfully deserve a hygienic workplace. We, Metrowest Cleaning Systems are proud to defend businesses with our industry-leading cleaning and disinfecting services.

Feel free to contact us via our or call-(508) 281-9701 and get answers to all your queries.

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