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How to restore and maintain office cleanliness during Covid-19

Offices are all set to reopen as the pandemic slows down. And your employees must be ready to get back to work. But are your office building and premises ready to safely accommodate your employees? Well, think about it before you jump on to the idea of resuming in-office work.

Cleanliness and proper sanitization is one of the key steps in controlling the spread of COVID-19. The pandemic has slowed but it is still alive. The company must make sure that the office is completely safe before the transition of its workforce.

Apart from your staff, you also need to keep the safety of your visitors in-sight. A clean office environment not only ensures safety but also increases employees' productivity. We have curated a list of points to check for your office hygiene and cleanliness. Please have a look and mark your safety.

Tips to Ensure Cleanliness of Your Office

  1. Get a Deep Office Cleanup done

It is necessary to get a deep office Cleanup before you resume in-office work after so much time. To ensure the work is done professionally without destroying or harming your office, you should book a professional office cleaning company that deep cleans your office space and makes it hygienic.

To-Do List of a Deep Office Cleanup-

  • Disinfection and sanitization of every corner for proper safety.

  • Wiping and cleaning of dust.

  • Thorough cleaning of floors with mops.

  • Vacuum cleaning of rugs, sofas, and other furniture.

  • Cleaning up the lifts and stairs.

  • Take care of all the electronic appliances.

  • Look after the bathroom and thorough cleaning of all restrooms.

  • Cleanup any insect residual.

  • Get pest control done as pests can harm your appliances.

Apart from all these, the professionals also clean the dust build-up in the corners of the ceiling. Because dust acts as a devil for your computers and other appliances.

This must be necessarily done before opening your office if you have any suspected case of Covid-19 in your staff or visitors list.

2. Daily Office Cleaning by a Reputed Commercial Cleaning Company

The spread of Covid-19 is unpredictable. You can catch the virus from anywhere. It can spread through the droplets that land on various surfaces while sneezing by an infected person. Even if you maintain proper social distancing there are chances that you can get infected by touching such surfaces.

Although there is no substitute for hand hygiene, masking, and social distancing, still we can at least maintain regular cleanliness from our ends.

But most importantly, the frequently touched surfaces like railings, lift buttons, door handles, and washroom taps must be disinfected several times a day.

To ensure the safety of employees, you need to appoint a professional office cleaning company to help you ensure day-to-day cleanup of all sources of infection. The company can also provide you with hand-sanitizing systems in your office space.

To-Do List of Daily Office Cleanup-

  • Disinfection of frequently touched surfaces.

  • Carefully cleaning up all the electronics such as phones, keyboards, biometrics, etc.

  • Sanitization of office tables, desks, and chairs.

  • Cleaning up all washrooms and restrooms.

  • Cleaning of door handles and railings.

  • Disinfection of lifts where many people travel daily.

A professional office cleaning company will ensure all these tasks are done in the best possible manner and help you stay safe from Covid-19.

3. Go for an office cleaning company that has advanced cleaning equipment

When you wish to mark the utmost hygiene in your office, you cannot take the risk on trying a new commercial cleaning company. Go for a company that has clear policies and experience in serving clients.

We at Metrowest Cleaning Systems in Massachusetts & Connecticut specialize in serving offices with our reputable cleaning services. Our top-notch cleaning services are best suitable for quality cleaning and also favorable for environment. We have our documentations according to government standards.

Also, you need not worry about the hygiene of our staff members as we adhere to strict protocols and COVID-19 policies. Our staff is tested before sending them to any client's workplace. We follow COVID guidelines including a PPE kit for staff, hand-wash, social distancing, and gloves.

Choose us for office cleaning requirements. If you are looking for a deep office cleaning company in Massachusetts & Connecticut, feel free to contact us for a quotation.

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