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How to maintain cleanliness at worship places.

It is critical to keep your worship premises clean for the sake of your congregation. You want to give your parishioners and visitors a safe and healthy environment, so having a regular cleaning schedule and a plan to complete all of the cleaning jobs will help you keep the church clean for everyone.

Gone are the days when a chapel keeper could handle all of the cleaning duties. That reality has shifted in the year 2020. A professional property management service is the ideal solution for ensuring the safety of your parishioners.

In this article we have shared foremost cleaning tips for worship places.

5 Cleaning tips for maintaining a clean and sparkling church

High Traffic Areas

An excellent place to start is to walk around your church and make a list of the spots that receive more footfall. Take note of the number of individuals who utilize each location and the days of the week that they are there. Include information on the types of surfaces with which people interact. Carpeting, hardwood flooring, plastic storage tubs, church pews, and other items require different cleaning and sanitizing procedures. Your list will assist you in determining how often you should clean and disinfect. Consider how often your janitors can clean and sanitize the facility.

Carpet Maintenance

Carpets are primarily used in nursery rooms and Sunday school rooms. The janitors can clean the mats easily with spot removing agents and vacuum cleaning. However, the spills should be cleaned without delay. The longer the stain is on the carpet, the more challenging it will be to clean.

Ensure that the spot removal chemicals are EPA-approved. Also, the manufacturer's guide to carpet cleaning should be followed to ensure the carpet's longevity.

You might also try adding 3 percent hydrogen peroxide to the stain, waiting one hour, and then blotting the area to lift the stain. While this is adequate for a fast touch-up, you should ensure that children's play areas are kept spotlessly clean and disinfected. A professional property management cleaning service can help you get the job done right.

Cleaning and disinfecting church pews

Before 2020, keeping church pews in good repair was simple. A light dusting and furniture polish were enough to keep the seats neat and clean. They were kept clean and tidy for services with just a light dusting and some excellent furniture polish.

You can also sanitize the pews fabrics using the quality sanitizing sprays available in the market for fabrics and upholstery.

Consider electrostatic cleaning or fogging disinfection if your church pews require a more thorough cleaning for hygiene concerns. Both of these techniques guarantee that your entire environment will be cleaned and germ-free.

Kitchen and Restrooms

These places should be at the top of your disinfection and sanitization priority list. These regions are not only a source of germs, but they can also be a source of moisture and sickness. Staying on top of these aspects of your church will go a long way toward preventing illness from spreading. These areas must be disinfected daily. To avoid foodborne contaminants, use disinfection treatments appropriately.

Restrooms are high-traffic locations in any public facility that is prone to bacteria. Fixtures, doors, partition walls, counters, and toilets must all be cleaned and disinfected. Towel dispensers, sanitary disposal bins, toilet paper holders, and baby changing stations should all be cleaned. Both inside and outside the church, trash bins should be emptied, washed, and sanitized. Keep in mind that restroom trash bins may include more than just hand towels, such as used baby wipes, etc.

Final Word

Keeping your church clean and germs-free in the COVID-19 age is a time-consuming task. Hiring a commercial cleaning crew like Metrowest Cleaning Systems is the simplest way to keep your office, worship place, retail store, or workstation clean on a regular basis.

Allow us to take care of your cleaning needs regularly or for one-time cleans. Our services are based in Massachusetts, Connecticut & New Hamshire.

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