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How to evaluate the performance of your janitorial services?

When it comes to hiring a property management cleaning company, it is common to get carried away with their quick claim. Every business tries to put its right foot forward and present in the best manner to make you hire them.

Hence, it's critical to pay attention to what the cleaning company's officials have to say and discern their credibility. Also, it is vital to ask them questions and make sure that their services align with your requirements.

Most importantly, keeping track of the cleaning company's performance over time is essential to ensure they are not wasting your time and money.

It has often been observed that commercial cleaning companies or janitorial services work effectively during the initial days. However, as time passes, they begin to get complacent, and eventually, their performance levels go below the standards. They frequently churn the workers and change the management too often. That not only leads to the wastage of your money but also imposes health risks to your property.

So, how will you know whether the property management services you hired to deliver quality services are effective or not?

Following are some key metrics to evaluate their performances:

1. Plan, provide and maintain the cleaning checklist religiously.

To evaluate the effectiveness, the cleaning crew must have a proper cleaning checklist provided and planned by the commercial cleaning company per your facility requirements. Make sure that you also have your concerns included in that checklist. The cleaning checklist can work as a metric to check the completion of cleaning tasks daily.

2. Punctuality

Another aspect of ensuring the productivity of the cleaning team is the adherence to time and schedules. Whether the cleaning team is well-managed or not, you can make out by their punctuality. Suppose they are late or leaving too early regularly and are not fulfilling their contractual hours. In that case, it is time to rethink the continuation of the contract.

3. Accountability

Is there a leader on your cleaning staff, someone you've met, and who you can contact if there are any difficulties or concerns? A good property management cleaning business will always designate a crew leader or manager willing to be accountable for their crew's activities.

4. Validate procedures and products

Following ideal processes of cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing is crucial given the post-pandemic scenarios. It is also necessary to ensure that the janitorial staff follows the CDC guidelines throughout the cleaning processes effectively.

In addition to this, also confirm with the hired commercial cleaning company whether they use EPA-approved products or not. EPA is the Environmental Protection Agency that regulates the usage of chemicals that can be harmful to humans and the environment in cleaning products.

5. Safety protocols

A well-trained cleaning crew will adhere to all safety regulations. Wet floors without warning signs, cleaning teams horsing around, or any other form of behavior that puts you, your staff, or your clients at risk should never be seen.

6. Better Staff Retention

Do you identify the people that clean your facility? Staff retention is a strong suit for a clever commercial cleaning firm. They recognize that hiring and training new employees is significantly more expensive than keeping existing employees. Your cleaning firm is probably doing a good job if you remember the workers that come to clean your facility frequently.

7. Customer-centric management

A proactive management team is found in a customer-focused commercial cleaning company. They contact their customers regularly to verify that they are satisfied with the service. They periodically inquire if there is anything else they can do and make themselves available if problems arise.

Wrapping up

Finally, while evaluating the performance of a property management cleaning firm, think about whether you'd be comfortable interacting with your janitorial team to come up with solutions when problems arise.

If your janitorial team is inaccessible or unresponsive, a performance evaluation won't help.

Hence, you need a cleaning company that adapts to your property needs and takes responsibility to resolve issues without delay. Metrowest Cleaning Systems is a leading cleaning services provider firm based in Massachusetts & Connecticut. We are a team of experts delivering supreme quality janitorial services for years. Whether you need lawn cleaning, move-in & move-out cleaning, part cleaning, office cleaning or disinfection services- our top-notched services are all up for it. Let us know all your business requirements and our team will assist you with the best-customized cleaning plan.

Happy Cleaning! Stay Safe!

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