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How to Effectively Communicate Cleaning Expectations to Tenants and Building Staff

As a property owner, you should have a good grasp on your responsibilities and those of the tenant. Both parties must understand the expectations before moving forward. You will need a system that everyone can use to help maintain control of the properties.

Good communication is critical to meeting a tenant's maintenance cleaning expectations, but sometimes misunderstandings occur.

This article provides insight into what you can do to have effective communication around cleanliness in your building.

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Tips to Effectively Communicate Your Expectations

The health of the property is an important concern to building staff and tenants, which is why it is important to communicate the standards of cleanliness you require. Below are some tips for you to follow when communicating cleaning expectations with tenants and cleaning staff:

  • Clearly Define Expectations

Clearly outline what tenants and building staff expect regarding cleaning and maintenance in the lease agreement or handbook. Include specific guidelines for common areas, individual units, and shared spaces. Clearly defining cleaning expectations is important because it sets transparent boundaries and policies for tenants.

This can include specific rules for common areas, such as keeping the lobby or hallways free of debris, and general cleaning responsibilities, such as regular vacuuming and dusting. By clearly outlining these expectations in the lease agreement, tenants will clearly understand what is expected of them and can plan accordingly.

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  • Communicate When Issues Arise

If you notice that a tenant is not meeting cleaning expectations, communicate with them promptly and professionally to address the issue. Sharing when problems arise is also crucial. If you notice a tenant is not meeting cleaning expectations, it is important to address the problem as soon as possible.

This can help prevent escalating situations and show tenants that you take their responsibilities seriously. When communicating with tenants, it's important to be professional and respectful, clearly state the issue, and work with them to find a solution.

  • Lead by Example

Set a good example by ensuring that common areas and shared spaces are clean and well-maintained. This will encourage tenants and staff to do the same. Leading by example is another important aspect of communicating cleaning expectations to tenants.

By keeping common areas clean and tidy, you set a good example for tenants to follow. This can include regularly cleaning common areas, such as lobbies and hallways, and keeping outdoor spaces well-maintained.

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  • Hold a Move-in/Move-out inspection

Before a tenant moves in, conduct a walk-through inspection to document the property's condition. This can serve as a reference point for the final move-out review.

Holding a move-in/move-out inspection is an effective way to communicate cleaning expectations to tenants. Before a tenant moves in, conduct a walk-through review to document the property's condition. This can serve as a reference point for the final move-out inspection.

  • Encourage Feedback

Encourage tenants and staff to provide feedback on the cleaning and maintenance of the building. Use this feedback to identify areas that need improvement and make necessary changes.

By encouraging tenants to provide feedback and share their concerns, landlords and property managers can gain insight into what is working well and what areas need improvement. By actively listening to tenants' feedback, landlords can show tenants that their opinions and concerns are valued.

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As a building owner, you are ultimately responsible for the cleanliness of your building. With that responsibility comes a duty to communicate your expectations with your tenants and staff clearly and professionally, outlining what is expected of them while they live in or visit your property.

You should expect any communication regarding cleaning to be followed, especially if it is clearly outlined in their lease agreement or emergency contact information. Establishing comprehensive cleaning expectations can be done in a few minutes at the beginning of a tenancy.

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