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How To Clean Your Home After Interior Painting?

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Painting indicates a new beginning, imparting a fresh feel to the surface. It adds value and introduces freshness to the interiors by breaking the monotonous style. The painting also protects the wall from wear and tear and is not limited to the fashion factor. Painting is an activity undertaken by everybody regularly to give a perfect finish to the home. However, painting any surface may make the surroundings messy and dirty and requires thorough cleaning. This article will enlighten you with a few tips and methods to clean your home after interior painting.

Tip before starting Painting:

  • One should cover the furniture, fans, or decor with a cloth or sheet before painting to prevent them from any sort of stain.

  • Remove the Carpets from the floors.

What should be done immediately after Painting?

  • The best way is to keep a damp cloth at hand so that whenever any drip falls on the surface, it can be wiped away easily without allowing them to dry. Dry drops can also be wiped away with a wet cloth or mineral spirit on a non-porous surface. The stain can be soaked in a detergent solution, and after a few minutes, it can be scraped off with the help of a scraper. The floors can also be cleaned with the help of hot water or disinfectant. In a few countries, the cleaning part is also included under the contract where the painting team cleans the interior surface. The wood surfaces can be cleaned with the help of a thinner.

  • The masking tape should be removed immediately after painting because once the paint dries up, the tape can pull off the paint. However, if the paint has dried, the tape can be removed by scoring lightly along the edge of the tape using a knife. It is also suggested to let the paint dry before scrapping off the glass with a razor. While removing the painter’s tape, one should be extremely patient and cautious. One also needs to ensure that the paint does not penetrate the area covered by the tape.

  • Another important part that requires attention when it comes to cleaning is the tools when no external agencies are hired to undertake the painting process. If one plans to do a repainting soon, the tools can be used again. If one has used water-based paint, water and soap can easily assist in cleaning the tools. The latex paint can be removed with the help of warm and soapy water and the oil paints can be removed with the help of mineral spirits.

  • One can also properly clean the brushes and use them for the next painting process. The bristles of the brush must be cleaned properly using a wire brush. The tools should be made water-free by thoroughly drying them to prevent corrosion. All the tools must be cleaned immediately after painting, preventing the drying up of the paint onto the surface.

  • The painted surfaces should not be touched or wetted for at least thirty days. The dirt or stains can be removed with a mild cleaner after that duration.

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Storage and Disposal:

The leftover paints should be stored in a safe place. There may be chances of peeling off or cracks between the paint layers. In such a scenario, one can repair those and use these leftover paints to polish the surface without much expense. The paint cans must be adequately sealed, labeled, and stored in a dry place at room temperature. One must keep an eye on the paint cans at regular intervals and ensure they are intact and in usable form. The areas surrounding the lid must be cleaned thoroughly before placing the lid back on the can. A rubber head can be used to reseal the cans. The local government authorities can be approached to understand the norms on discarding old paint as every State government has its own set rules for discarding them.

To avoid the hassles, hiring a professional cleaning service is the wisest choice. They can easily do these tasks for you in less time and with more precision.

Commercial cleaning service are essential for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in commercial spaces such as offices, schools, hospitals, and public buildings. Professional commercial cleaners have the experience, knowledge, and equipment needed to perform a thorough cleaning job that meets the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

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