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How to choose the right post-construction cleaning company? A quick guide.

Whether you are a homeowner whose house is recently built up or managing a construction project, cleaning the house properly to move in is a big concern.

When it comes to moving into a newly-built house, the first thing that comes to mind is clearing the mess left behind. Although many builders conduct an essential removal of debris, there are enough chances of dirt, glass particles, nails, etc., here and there. If not cleaned, dust may ruin the atmosphere of the premises.

Therefore, it is always better to get the premises checked by the post-construction cleaning professionals and ensure that the building is ready for the move-in.

Now, the question arises, what to look for when hiring a post-construction cleaning company.

So, here are some of the important tips to resolve the conflict for you:

Internet search and customer reviews

Today, every business, especially the established ones, has a digital presence. It makes the task of knowing some of the best ones more relaxed.

Post-Construction professionals or firms have their own websites where you can find all the critical information, such as what kind of services they are offering, how long they have been in the business, the tools, and routines they use, etc.

It will give you an overall idea of whether they cover your requirements or not.

Also, customer reviews will help you to do the initial screening. Simultaneously, you can take suggestions from friends and acquaintances for the proper selection.


Another aspect that is critical to look for is the scope.

Yes, the scope. General cleaning contractors may not care about checking every nook and corner dust-free.

Therefore, it is essential to make sure that all the requirements of the facility are addressed.

Ideally, there are three phases of post-construction cleaning- removal of debris and hazardous material from the onsite, interior finish, and exterior cleaning.


After spending so much on renovating and constructing, it is obvious to check on the expenses. Therefore, it is always good to check for fair and upfront pricing.

Always ensure whether there is any hidden cost to avoid surprises.

A basic sketch of the floor plan, along with the prices, will help you estimate the budget and keep track of the scope.

License and Insurance

When a company has a valid license and insurance, half of your concerns eliminate right away. When a post-construction company is authorized, the worries about any damage during the cleaning and losing money to non-professionals are no more.

It ensures your protection against all kinds of mishaps during the task.

Review the checklist

While you have already discussed or verified the scope, it is equally important that you double-check it with the checklist. Every commercial service provider has a checklist that includes all the tasks.

Many people make the error of tallying it with their requirements before signing the contract.

Ensure that the checklist has everything covered and it does not miss out on any key area.

The trained and proper number of staff

Many cleaning firms employ fewer workers to save money. It often results in delays and inefficacies. Therefore, ensure beforehand whether the company has a good workforce or not. Also, it is necessary to confirm whether the company has training programs in place or not.

If the workers are not skilled, the work will be of low quality and not upto the mark.

Best standard practices require Post-Construction Cleaners to be diligent in hiring and training the staff.

All this information you can easily access through the internet, review platforms, and the company’s website.

Right cleaning products

Finally, using eco-friendly building cleaning products will enhance the air quality of the building. On the contrary, strong chemicals can ruin the interiors and release harmful fumes.

With a little bit of research, these tips will surely help you make the right choices and save you time and money.

Taking the help of professionals is the best way to keep your property clean and maintained. You can trust professionals because you know the work done by them is right. They have enough experience to serve you in the best possible way. If you wish to clean and maintain the hygiene of your property, you can contact Metrowest Cleaning Systems anytime. We have worked for years serving our clients with the best post-construction cleaning services in Massachusetts & Connecticut. Let us know your requirements and our cleaning experts will analyze your personalized cleaning plan. You can request a free quotation for the same.

Happy cleaning!

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