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How often your office needs deep cleaning

In the present times, when infections like COVID-19 are at a large spread, you may not want to compromise with deep cleaning your office furniture and flooring. Also, the US centers have issued prevention guidelines that call for cleaning and sanitization on a timely basis.

During the countless activities in the office, floors, desks, furniture, and upholstery tend to nest dirt, germs, bacteria, and many harmful elements. Hence, regular cleaning is required in every office to maintain a hygienic and clean environment. Cleaning services handled by professionals give healthier space as they have enough knowledge and equipment for cleaning.

Why your office needs Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning ensures that all the surfaces and corners, nooks, and crannies are perfectly cleaned and sanitized. It is much more than casual dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. It helps to your keep your workspace in a tip-top shape.

Deep cleaning involves shampooing, sanitizing, and steam cleaning, flossing the workspace areas that often get ignored during the routine cleaning.

Now, you may be wondering how frequently you need to deep clean your office?

When it comes to deep cleaning the office floors, it requires professional cleaning every six months to check out the dirt and allergens set in there for quite some time. However, the frequency of deep cleaning of commercial floors may also vary depending on the foot traffic.

Let’s read about it in detail

Do not avoid Office Carpets:

Scum accumulated under the carpeted area may cause severe health issues like breathing problems and allergies when left without cleaning for months. There are increased chances of disease transformation, mildew formation, poor indoor air quality, and more. Therefore, it is advisable to get the office carpeted area deep clean at least two times a year.

Are high-traffic areas being avoided?

The high traffic areas like restrooms, cafeteria, canteens, and entranceways require monthly deep cleaning. These are more prone to germs and dirt built from much footing. On the other hand, you can go for deep cleaning of areas such as hallways, lobbies, and conference halls every three to four months as these areas are not in use often.

Deep cleaning not only keeps the work area free from grime but also uplifts the positivity amongst employees. A healthy and pleasant work environment in a clean office improves the productivity of employees. The fresh air helps them to stay energized and motivated about coming to work.

What about the workstation?

Office cubicles including computers, keypads, other tools, and the workstation need to be cleaned more often and scheduled for deep cleaning every few days. Because the office cubicles are highly used areas and are more vulnerable to spreading germs throughout the office. Moreover, the employees’ desks should be wiped thoroughly using quality disinfectants daily; it minimizes the risk of transmitting germs from one person to another.

Upholstery Cleaning:

While discussing deep cleaning, one should not forget about the office upholstery that houses hidden dirt and allergens. Usually, polyester, linen, and similar textured fabrics used in upholstered furniture are made of tiny fibers. Dirt particles cling to such materials. Also, allergens like pollen and dander can be easily found in upholstery causing problems to people with asthma conditions and weaker immune systems.

Hence, deep cleaning via steam extracts and flushes these contaminants from the furniture. Besides, the cleaning agents used during cleansing stops microbial growth on the office upholstery. Given the present scenarios of the threats from various kinds of infections, one may think it necessary to deep clean the office furniture twice a year.


To sum up, deep cleaning from time to time is the best approach to keep the allergens and germs away from your workplace and stay free from any fear of contracting the infections. Furthermore, it boosts employees' morale by keeping the office neat and fresh.

It is rightly said- “Clear space, clear mind".

A wise decision would be to clean the low-traffic areas once or twice a year. For media-traffic areas, deep cleaning is required twice or more in a year. But do not forget to deep clean the high-traffic areas once a month or depending on the requirement. Take help from professional cleaners who can be a great support in keeping your workspace neat and tidy. You can connect with us anytime for commercial cleaning and disinfection services.

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Happy cleaning!

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