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Floors Are High-Touch Surfaces Causing Cross-Contamination

Did you ever notice the fact that floors work as a conduit?

Over the past few years, there is a raised consciousness in everyone to stay healthy. Almost all industrial sectors have initiated cleaning to maintain a hygienic workplace and not just for a bright appearance. Just because the surface is spotless or smelling good does not mean that it is pure or free of contamination. There exist some high-touch objects that need to be kept clean and disinfected. It usually involves the railings of the staircase, door handles, and buttons in an elevator, etc. All of these objects need to be wiped regularly and sterilized several times a day. But don’t you think that we often overlook the floors and the floors also need to be kept clean?

Well, one must prioritize floor disinfection. The flooring surface must be taken into consideration by the facility managers. It is especially after the current pandemic situation that has compelled floor disinfection in the industry standards. Also, there is a rising awareness of the bacteria found on the floors that are not only harmful but likely to spread to other high-touch spots through hands, shoes, etc. Due to this, facilities like hospitals are more and more relying on the procedures to disinfect floors. It is mainly to lessen down the unfavorable consequences on their patients. It also helps them reduce the spending associated with hazardous pathogens.

But do you know why we categorize floors under high-touch surfaces?

If not, then let me help you understand this fact.

Several evidence-based reports and studies have discovered that floors are the most prevalent reservoir for pollutants. Besides, the indoor surroundings have become a challenge when it is about decreasing germs. Many such respiratory infections spread quickly when an individual sneeze or cough. Even while speaking, there is a release of aerosolized infected droplets. These droplets eventually land on the surface using the pull of gravity. It serves as a means for transmitting infections. Floors are the largest reservoir for these polluted drops. But these droplets do not stay merely on the floor and instead get distributed all over the facilities via socks, bags, pets, shoes, purse bottom, and backpack, etc. Considering this flooring is also a high-touch surface and needs regular sanitization and routines to disinfect.

However, one does not require appointing managers or teams for cleaning the high-foot traffic areas and properly sterilizing the floors. Instead, few simple tactics are likely to help the facility create a functional disinfection program. These strategies are as stated below-

  • Selecting the right product to disinfect the floor is of utmost importance-

  1. Decrease the contact time and select a chemical concentrate that needs a reduced dwell time to diminish obstacles in high-foot traffic areas.

  2. Ensure the precision of chemicals by using the correct quantity of chemicals. It is vital for proper disinfection, cleaning, and sanitization of surfaces. The mopping systems with chemical dispensers offer more control and precisely apply the antiseptic on the floor.

  3. Consider the disposable alternatives such as washable mop pads. It also harbors hazardous bacteria contributing to increased chances of cross-contamination. It will also help to decrease the cross-contamination of germs on the facility floors.

  4. Mitigate the cleaning exhaustion due to the physical strain caused by this task that requires repetition, and it is indeed a concern. Therefore, using a mopping system with several ergonomic features helps lessen down the fatigue of cleaning staff.

  • Accurate dwell time is the key- One needs to begin with an accurate product to disinfect and then follow instructions about the right dwell time specified on the label.

Final Takeaway

Adding flooring to the high-touch products is the best way to keep our environment and ourselves safe and secured. A proactive approach is to include cleaning protocols in the flooring as well. If you are in need of any cleaning services in Massachusetts & Connecticut, feel free to contact us for cleaning your high-touch flooring and keep your staff safe. If any of your staff or facility has got infected by COVID-19, without a second thought, contact Metrowest Cleaning Systems to schedule a quick distinction and cleaning service. We have a list of satisfied clients and their testimonials are the speaker of our great service.

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