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Everything you want to know about Antimicrobial Surface Protectant

What is the need for Antimicrobial Surface Protectant?

Many people do not know that surfaces are prone to new bacteria or germs after cleaning and disinfecting.

Although janitorial or commercial cleaning service providers follow OSHA and CDC guidelines, the chances for bacteria and germs to accumulate do not reduce. That is why commercial janitorial service must use EPA authorized agents for cleaning and disinfecting.

In case the cleaning staff misses any spot, those places become a breeding habitat for bacteria and germs.

All these concerns have led facilities and businesses to opt for antimicrobial surface protectants to ensure long-lasting results.

What is Antimicrobial Surface Protection?

The substances known as antimicrobials are those that kill pathogens or disease-causing micro-organisms and prevent them from multiplying. These micro-organisms may be bacteria, fungi, or algae.

When commercial cleaners spray an antimicrobial surface protectant onto the floors, air conditioners, and other facility areas, it ensures long-lasting protection for upto three months or more. In essence, it goes further than just disinfecting the surfaces.

The protectant develops a micro biostatic coating when sprayed onto the surfaces. This coating has a nano bed of spikes that are positively charged. What happens practically is that as soon as the negatively charged micro-organisms come into contact with them, the spikes pierce into the outer membrane of their cells and destroy the micro-organisms.

Is it beneficial?

The growth rate of some bacteria or microbes is so fast that they double in number within a few minutes. During the time in-between the cleaning treatment, they start multiplying recklessly. With the increasing threat of harmful microbes, the antimicrobial surface protection yields countless desired benefits. Some of these are listed below:

1. Destroy the disease-causing microbes

The core benefit is that it prevents the microbes such as mould, fungi, algae and bacteria from increasing for a more extended period. Additionally, it protects the surfaces from degrading and lessens the foul odour.

2. Prevent cross-contamination

Given the present crisis and spread of diseases through contacts. It has become inevitable to check the germs from transmitting through one person to another. Areas such as doorknobs, kitchen slabs, handrails, workspace and furniture are often touched by countless people in the office and house.

Therefore, antimicrobials are of great help that prevents germs from growing. Even if a carrier touches space, the coating will destroy the newly brought microbes.

3. It prevents the spread of infections.

It also checks the pathogens that are even resistant to antibiotics. That is why it is highly used in places that offer medical assistance like hospitals, clinics, emergency services, etc.

4. Keep a check on germs in the air.

While it keeps on killing the microbes that come into its contact, it also checks the bacteria and germs in the air. Thus, it minimizes the chance of spreading airborne diseases.

Where can these be applied?

You can apply these protectants to almost any surface within your facility or workspace. It includes air vents, furniture, cabinets, floors, walls, phones, elevators, and doors, etc.

Is it safe?

The commercial cleaning service providers use antimicrobial products registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

This technology makes the micro-organism susceptible at levels of exposure that do not cause any harm to humans.

However, you can consult with the cleaning experts and ensure that the products used in your facilities are EPA certified.

For more safety, verify with your janitorial service providers if the products used by them are non-toxic and are free of VOC (Volatile Compound) and phosphate. Besides, there are also antimicrobial protectants that are food contact surface safe (FCSS) that USDA approves. I would recommend checking all these aspects with your service providers.

Final Word

Do you know whether your Janitorial Service is using an Antimicrobial Surface Protectant or not? If not, you surely need to revise your choice of the service provider. We at Metrowest Cleaning Systems based in Massachusetts & Connecticut offer supreme quality Janitorial Services that use an antimicrobial surface protectant. This invention not only protects your house but also preserves the greatest asset of all- your health and hygiene. Because at this time, we want to ensure your safety, and just cleaning & disinfecting doesn’t provide you the maximum support. Even after surface cleaning, they are prone to recontamination by bacteria and germs.

We use antimicrobial surface protection to prevent any further contamination. Use our services to get maximum protection and safety against recontamination and stay safe.

So, ask your cleaning service provider to include these products for maximum protection or you can also connect with us to get a free quotation of customized services. Talk to our experts and get to know how our commercial janitorial services can be the best fit for you.

Happy cleaning! Stay safe!

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