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Everything to know about Fogging cleaning technique.

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Deep office cleaning became a more popular method in the world of the new normal to tackle microbes after COVID-19 attacked the world.

The cleaning practices that gained limelight during this phase have now been adapted as universal practices. Organizations have also taken up this responsibility and are prioritizing cleaning practices making it the new normal. Cleanliness is a vital element irrespective of the context or setting. Fogging is embraced as an excellent way to tackle the virus that transmits through the air and may survive on surfaces for a longer duration. Disinfection is a powerful weapon against microbes and can protect humans from infections. In this article, you'll know how a commercial cleaning service provides fogging cleaning techniques.

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Fogging cleaning technique


Fogging is a method of disinfection undertaken by a trained professional in an enclosed area using fog or disinfectants. The professionals undertaking this activity must wear the required personal protective devices to prevent exposure to harmful chemicals. The area or the space is filled with a fine mist of chemical disinfectant that hangs in the air like a fog. Fogging is undertaken frequently in multiple sectors as it destroys airborne microbes and disinfects hard-to-reach areas. When compared to manual disinfection, fogging is faster and more effective.

Mechanism of fogging

The facilities requiring less frequent disinfection use mobile fogging devices to perform the disinfection technique. A commercial cleaner must wear PPE and other devices while performing mobile fogging.

Based on the volume of the area being disinfected, the fogging process might consume 15-30 minutes, ideally. After fogging, it takes another 45 minutes to an hour for the mist to settle on the surface. Once they settle, the residue needs to be wiped away. The premises that undergo fogging need to be shut down entirely during the process for a minimum of six hours which may go up based on the disinfectant used. It must be ensured that before people re-enter the space, the fog must be fully evaporated.

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Importance of pre-cleaning before fogging

Fogging is not a stand-alone method or a "magic cure." It should be used in combination with hand cleaning, especially when dealing with delicate objects, people, and animals. Fogging is not a cleaning method; it is a disinfection process. Before fogging, a thorough cleaning is required to get rid of dirt, grit, and grime. Applying disinfectant to filthy surfaces is useless since bacteria could take refuge there and become more prevalent again.

Alternative Solutions:

Since wet fogging poses a threat to electronic devices, dry fogging comes to the rescue. It is a mixture of peroxyacetic acid and hydrogen peroxide that prevents the damage caused due to the presence of moisture in regular fogging methods.

Other widely used alternatives are non-chemical methods where short-wave ultraviolet rays are used to destroy microbes. However, this option can be used to disinfect areas at the surface level and does not apply to surfaces where light cannot shine. Another precaution to be considered while using UV treatment is to ensure plastic surfaces are avoided as they break down in the presence of UV rays.

Ultra Low Volume Fogging:

Highly targeted misting with varying droplet sizes is used in ULV. This enables the targeted administration of a disinfectant mist; as a result, only critical surfaces are treated rather than a room being covered in fog. The main advantage of ULV fogging is that this technique can avoid sensitive electrical devices. It is a concentrated fogging technique aimed at specific areas.

Is fogging safe?

Fogging is a disinfection procedure that harms germs, not humans if undertaken effectively. A trained professional should conduct the process to minimize the risks associated with doing this activity. All the safety precautions must be followed, and re-entry to the area must be made after the minimum set of hours. Exposure to chemicals used in the fogging process may irritate the eye and skin or cause respiratory problems. Hence it is recommended to stay away from the area up to the specified time as mentioned on the product label. Commercial cleaning service are essential for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in commercial spaces such as offices, schools, hospitals, and public buildings. Professional commercial cleaners have the experience, knowledge, and equipment needed to perform a thorough cleaning job that meets the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Want to know how commercial cleaners can help clean your building and commercial spaces? Contact Metrowest Cleaning Systems for top commercial cleaning services in town. Our services are based in Massachusetts, New Hampshire & Connecticut.

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