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Everything about waterproofing commercial building

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Painting a commercial building may look like a straightforward process from the outside. But, there are many aspects a builder needs to consider to make the paint last longer. When a contractor begins work on the exterior part of the building, the first and foremost factor they need to consider is the climate. There is a lot of moisture or water vapor present in most locations and it plays a vital role in damaging the exterior coating of a building. Thus, waterproofing with the correct products and paints is crucial for all types of buildings. Making a building waterproof is a process that prevents excess moisture from soaking and keeps the exterior safe. The moisture content on your building exterior must get controlled. It is far more essential than the beautification of the construction.

Waterproofing is a process that gets applied even before the painting process started. A painting contractor who knows a waterproof painting is the best choice for this job. They will analyze the content of moisture in the cracks of the building and will come up with a waterproofing solution. Elastomeric coating is one of the top preferences of the builder for its varied surface protection ability. This coating is more flexible by nature and is more efficient in filling cracks and gaps.

Advantages of Waterproofing a commercial building

Water damage is the sole reason why your building needs waterproofing. The water damage caused to any commercial building can get categorized in three ways. In category one, excess clear water is the cause. But for the second category, the dirty water stored in the cracks and pores of the building causes damage like molds, damps, stains, etc on the building. But the third category of water damage is most lethal for commercial construction. This category is responsible for building harmful pathogens in the cracks and walls of the building. It can cause serious health issues and is also considered responsible for poor worker efficiency. So it is elemental to waterproof a building.

Also, other than saving your building from water damage, there are other benefits as well. Read below to know more-

Better Air Quality

Waterproofing can increase the air quality in your building. A damp and damaged building attracts a lot of viruses and pathogens like mold and mildews that get mixed in the air. When the employee breathes in these harmful elements. These elements infect their respiratory system, causing lung infection and other respiratory diseases. Waterproofing eliminates these harmful bacteria and helps you breathe fresh air.

Long-lasting building

Waterproofing increases the self-life of a building. As this method eliminates harmful water damage and various other extraneous factors that cause damage to the construction, it naturally increases the self-life of the building. Also, a waterproofed building is durable and needs less servicing, and the exterior and interior paints last longer. This also helps eliminate any extra service or maintenance costs of the building. Waterproofing is a contribution to maintaining the foundation of a commercial building.

Improved property value

Waterproofing helps in holding the youthful look of a building. This way the building will be more of value as real estate. If a buyer wants to invest in buying the building, they will want it to be safe and pre-prepared for every challenge. Waterproofing the basement adds extra value and you can get up to a 30 % return on investment. So if you want to get a higher investment for the building, get your waterproofing done now.

Waterproofing is a specialized job which best left to a professional. This process is unavoidable and is helpful in the long run. If you want to keep the health of your commercial building and employee ideal, get your waterproofing done.

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