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Do you know the best cleaning methods commercial cleaners use?

In recent times, we have witnessed an unprecedented dreadful crisis worldwide in the form of the Coronavirus pandemic. The facts and information revealed by the scientists and researchers call for a surge for more precautions and measures related to our health and hygiene.

Commercial cleaners are taking the services a step further in combat against the virus and other disease-causing bacteria. They invest in advanced technologies and cleaning solutions to prevent the spread of infections and provide clean and safe surroundings.

This article highlights some of the best and highly effective methods and products used by commercial cleaning services.

Electrostatic Cleaning

In the era of technology, the electrostatic sprayer is a boon to the janitorial industry. The technology uses an electrostatic gun that deploys the cleaning solution in the form of fine mist that kills the pathogen.

The mist released through the sprayer covers the object, wraps around the entire surface, and kills the viruses instantly. For example, if you use an electrostatic sprayer on a table, it covers its whole body instead of only disinfecting the top surface.

Although it looks like a fogging method, it is different as it ensures even distribution of the cleaning solution. As opposed to fogging, you don’t have to wait for long because the chemicals are targeted and quickly land on the surfaces.

Also, remember that the electrostatic is used for disinfecting, and thus it has to be done after cleaning.

As it requires specialization and training, commercial cleaners appoint their skilled workforce for the task.

Antimicrobial disinfecting agents

After the pandemic, the researchers have announced the impressive efficacies of antimicrobial solutions. Cleaning companies are investing in such solutions to provide greater levels of safety.

Experts say that after cleaning, the surfaces are more prone to new bacteria and germs.

Therefore, an antimicrobial agent makes a coating on the surface that inhibits the growth of germs. Their effects last as long as 90 days.

Thus, they keep all the fears of infection away from the customers and promise more safety.


For the benefit of less usage of chemicals and water, Rotowash machines are widely used by janitorial services. The equipment is quite versatile. It scrubs, washes, and cleans almost every type of carpet and even harsh floors.

From flat to profiled surfaces, it is used in the interior surfaces as well as in escalators. Including recesses, corners, and skirting, it cleans all the crevices efficiently and does not leave any splashes on walls or brush marks.

Commercial cleaners make use of the machine to clean large areas without spending hours.


It is a dry cleaning method used by cleaning professionals that remove dust from the carpet without affecting its appearance at all. The dry time for the technique is less than thirty minutes and can make your carpet ready within no time.

In this method, an encapsulant is applied to the carpet that binds with the grime accumulated, envelops the dirt, and crystallizes them. It makes it easy to remove these particles through regular vacuuming.

Not only is it eco-friendly, but it is also cost and time-saving as one does not have to perform the carpet extraction frequently.

Hot water cleaning or Steam cleaning

Many commercial cleaners use the term steam cleaning that reflects the idea of using steam for removing dirt. But this is not so. In reality, steam is not so practical to remove dirt from the carpet as it is too dry.

Therefore, a small amount of hot water is combined in specific proportions with the cleaning agents or chemicals. This solution is then sprayed onto the carpet and vacuumed immediately.

The prominent carpet manufacturing companies also suggest this method. Some companies even require this method for cleaning the carpets every 18 months to keep the warranty coverage intact.

Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service for your office or building-

Make sure you discuss the best suitable methods explained here with the commercial cleaning services before hiring them for your facility!

It would be the best idea to keep everything clean and tidy. Because who doesn’t appreciate a clean office and tidy building?

Hiring a cleaning service provider company can be good help. We at Metrowest Cleaning Systems offer supreme quality and technologically advanced cleaning services in Massachusetts & Connecticut. We give all the attention that your building needs. Connect with us now and call us at (508) 263-0796 to get a FREE quotation for the same.

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