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Deep Cleaning Checklist for Your Warehouse

Covid-19 has created numerous new obstacles in people's daily lives in the previous few months. Keeping warehouses and other storage facilities clean and sanitary is a massive challenge for those who manage them. It's challenging to maintain optimal cleanliness in a prominent place with many people and cargo coming in and out. A clean and sterilized warehouse, on the other hand, should be at the top of your priority list.

This article answers all your questions regarding warehouse maintenance.

When to schedule a deep cleaning for your warehouse?

Warehouses with a lot of traffic and dirt should try to arrange a deep clean once a month. Others may only need to clean their homes once every three months. Warehouses should be cleaned from the bottom up at least twice a year.

How is deep cleaning different from regular cleaning?

While regular cleaning involves sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping the daily spills and debris, deep cleaning also includes disinfecting and sanitizing every nook and corner. When the world is recovering from the worldwide pandemic, it is vital to maintain healthy surroundings for our staff and society.

What should be included in a deep cleaning?

First, it is always advisable to hire property management cleaning services for your commercial property. That is because the staff of a property management company is well skilled, experienced, and insured. Besides, they possess the right equipment and supplies for cleaning according to your building material.

However, if you get your in-house staff to do it, assign each employee to a responsibility zone, making every effort to keep the amount of time and attention required by each area equal. To avoid delays, confusion, or problems in the process, make sure expectations are clearly stated and personnel agree on their assigned zone.

Follow the below checklist to get the desired results:

Prepare the area

The first step to deep cleaning is to remove all mobile machinery, trucks, and other significant things from the area. Make sure all the equipment, especially electricals, are disconnected from the power source.

Cleaning elevated areas and removing debris

Because debris moves downward, start with high-up dust and grime on walls, vents, cooling ducts, windows, and the top ledges of pallet racks to avoid unnecessary cleanup. Remove debris from the floors and around the corners. To get rid of stuck-on filth, use extendable dusters and cleaning spray as needed.

Floors sweeping and vacuum clean all the rugs and carpets

Make sure to spend enough time on this step because floors are a major source of dust and filth on fixtures and inventory. As normal business operations continue, debris on the floor is kicked up. It spreads throughout the facility, making this step a suitable preventative action—vacuum clean all the rugs, including doormats, etc.

Deep Scrubbing the floors.

After sweeping up all of the debris accumulated on the floor, wet mop the floor completely to eliminate any filth that had remained, remove grease stains from spills, tyre marks, or moving machinery and inventory, use degreasers on the affected areas.

Disinfecting high-touch areas

To disinfect high-touch surfaces, you should use disinfectant wipes and aerosols on any such surfaces. Machinery, keyboards, printers, door handles, monitors, and bathroom fittings are just a few examples of what can be recycled. Ensure that all machinery has been turned off, employing lockout measures as appropriate. If any harmful sites or materials are identified throughout the process, make certain that they are notified to the appropriate parties and appropriately labeled to prevent future injury.

Final Words

Even after multiple runs, you may find that your warehouse cleaning efforts require refinement. The essential factor is to communicate effectively and to solicit feedback to ensure that the tasks are fair, reasonable, and effective in their execution. If you believe that the cleanup will take longer than you can reasonably expect from your team, you may want to consider hiring a professional cleaning company like Metrowest Cleaning Systems in Massachusetts, Connecticut & Alabama. We are a leading property management cleaning service provider company in Alabama serving customers with advanced equipment of cleaning and top-notched cleaning experts. Talk to our experts. Book a call now!!

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