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Cleaning Checklist for Your Grocery Store

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is the importance of grocery stores. Since the outbreak, it's been like a second high season for many grocery businesses. With so many people walking through the aisles, it's vital to keep things clean and transmission-free.

But how can you ensure that your stores are as sanitary as possible—and that your staff is aware of proper cleaning procedures to prevent COVID-19 from spreading?

Make some cleaning checklists to get started.

1. Check-out aisles

When it comes to cleaning, check-out aisles need special attention. Food is frequently placed right on the rubber rails that transport goods to the cash register. Soils are left on the surface as a result of this. Clerks should utilize disposable wipes to clean the track and counter during their shifts to maintain consumer safety standards.

2. Deli Counters

When cleaning deli counters, food handling and safety concerns should be the top priority of the cleaning staff. When wiping counters, meat slicers, chopping boards and knives, deli clerks should be aware of the precautions they must take to avoid cross-contamination.

Most importantly, ensure that the cleaning team is not reusing the wipes for multiple surfaces. Cross-contamination, which can lead to consumer infections, can be avoided by having your personnel use numbered microfiber towels or disposable wipes.

3. Windows and glass doors

Make a note to clean and sanitize the front of your store's glass doors and windows, as well as the freezer and refrigerated food display cases every day. Handles and locations that are regularly touched require extra attention.

Emptying your walk-in freezers and refrigerators should be the first step in your cleaning regimen. After you've cleaned the outsides of these appliances, clean the insides with no-touch items. As a result, you will be able to avoid infection.

4. Floors

Debris and spills on the floor can be hazardous, resulting in falls and injuries. It's critical to regularly inspect and clean the floors of the grocery store. When it comes to maintaining clean and safe floors, the property management cleaning team should include all the areas such as break rooms, restrooms, corridors and entrances. Ensure to mop, sweep, and vacuum this surface regularly to keep it looking clean and appealing.

No grocery shop is resistant to spills and other food-related mishaps. It's critical to evaluate the dangers of contamination and slip-and-fall accidents in these situations. Therefore, ensure that spills are cleaned instantaneously to avoid accidents and other harm.

5. Garbage cans

To minimize unpleasant odours, pests, and garbage from overflowing into the ground, inspect and empty the trash cans inside and outside the grocery store. When it comes to providing a safe and sanitary shopping environment, having a routine to inspect these cans throughout the day is essential.

6. Restrooms

Dangerous pollutants can contaminate surfaces in high-traffic toilets, such as those found in major supermarkets throughout the day. To ensure filth removal, deep clean the restrooms daily.

While your property management cleaning staff should clean sinks, stall doors, and soap dispensers frequently during the day, the rest of the restroom should only be cleaned once a night. Traditional cleaning items, such as mops and rags, have the potential to spread filth. When cleaning restrooms, custodians should utilize more modern cleaning methods, such as no-touch-spray and vacuum equipment.

7. Shopping Carts

Employees should keep an eye on shopping carts for products that have been neglected. That includes trash such as left behind shopping lists, coupons, and any broken or damaged items. Having hand wipes available at your entrance can give your clients a quick method to clean their trolleys before they start shopping.

To conclude, it's critical for a grocery store's cleaning and sanitizing procedures to be comprehensive. In this type of setting, the safety and the health of the employees and the customers are paramount.

Bringing in a property management cleaning crew will help you keep your grocery store clean regularly. Allow the professionals to clean for you in a safe, dependable, and consistent manner.

Contact our cleaning experts at Metrowest Cleaning Systems today. Our services are based in Massachusetts, Connecticut & now we are also open at New Hampshire!

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