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A Highly-effective Cleaning Plan for Safe and Healthy Workplace

With the rising challenges regarding a clean and healthy workplace, every business owner seeks guidance and a comprehensive cleaning plan.

When an office is cluttered, and there are marks of spills and stains all around, it affects the workers' health and can result in accidents and workplace hazards. Not only does it incur heavy expenses such as workers' compensation payments and medical bills, but it also leads to indirect costs like lower productivity, repairs, and absenteeism.

We have brought you a most productive cleaning plan for a safe and healthy workspace.

Avoid slip and trip with floor-care

Trips, falls, and slips are the most common hazards at a workplace. One must be vigilant and clean the oil and other liquid spills at once to prevent falls and slips.

Keep the floors clean and dry to avoid trips and falls. Place floor mats at entrance ways and go for anti-slip flooring at the other areas that cannot be cleaned regularly.

Ripped and worn flooring causes risks for tripping; hence make sure to replace or repair them from time to time.

Accumulated dust leads to the breakage of tiles. Ask your janitorial team to mop the floors daily and use the cleaning solutions that suit the flooring material and its requirements.

Research shows that the spray and vacuum method for cleaning the floors is 90% effective in killing the bacteria over mopping, which only removes 50% of the bacterial count.

Mitigate health risk with effective air-filtration

Dust in the air not only causes breathing and health issues among the staff, but it may also lead to the transmission of airborne infections. Proper ventilation and dirt-free HVAC systems are a must for clean air at the office.

You may ask your cleaning staff to use vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters because it captures fine particles of dust and keeps the air dust-free.

Clogged air-filter hampers the air quality. Therefore experts suggest replacing them every 6 to 12 months. You can also use dehumidifiers to maintain a healthy level of humidity that is 30 to 50 percent; it prevents pollutants and allergens.

Correct disposal of waste

Decluttering and proper disposal of waste is the essential part of every cleaning plan. Piled trash and litter are the breeding ground for bacteria and insects. Also, it causes foul order resulting in an unhealthy environment.

Make sure that no-touch bins are placed at the key locations. Waste from the kitchen and washrooms is disposed of daily. Make sure that your janitorial staff labels every waste receptacle. They should also separate recyclable trash, organic and plastic waste for proper disposal.

An organized workplace with proper storage

Proper storage is vital to keep the workplace organized as well as hazard-free. When everything is placed in an organized manner, it ensures minimum handling and thus fewer injuries.

While stacking, material storage should adhere to the occupational and environmental guidelines and the specified fire codes.

Storage policies are often overlooked by the housekeeping teams resulting in hazards and accidents. Ensure that containers and storage boxes do not block the stairways, first-aid stations, exits, fire equipment, and emergency showers. Also, remember that there should be sufficient space of at least three feet or one meter for stored material under the sprinkler heads.

Upkeep of employee facilities

Adequate facilities such as locker rooms, changing and shower rooms, washing facilities, and sufficient supplies of soaps, sanitizers, and disinfectants make a workplace safe. It helps to check on cross-contamination and the spread of infections at the offices and industrial settings.


In the present scenario of the spread of unprecedented viral infections, cleaning should be the utmost priority for everybody.

Make sure that your office has an effective cleaning plan like this one.

Discuss your cleaning concerns and preventive measures with your commercial cleaning company. If you have not hired one, consider a reputed cleaning service provider that addresses all your requirements. We are a leading cleaning service provider company based in Massachusetts & Connecticut delivering supreme quality services to our clients for years. If you are planning to get deep-cleaning of your building or office space, you can connect with us for the same. Our cleaning experts can guide you with a personalized blueprint of the cleaning strategies that best-fit your requirements.

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