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Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Molds are multicellular microscopic organisms falling in the group of fungi and are found in almost every place. It can grow on office premises, carpets, and even walls. Molds require a humid and dark environment to flourish and often spread quickly without the inhabitant's knowledge. Organic material and moisture accelerate the growth of mold. They destroy the documents and other infrastructure of the space where it flourishes; hence care should be taken to prevent them from growing.

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Effect of Mold and moisture in Commercial Buildings:

Mold growth brings a shabby look to the building and creates a hostile atmosphere. It also invites a large number of diseases which increases absenteeism and ultimately lowers the productivity of the employees. Additionally, people with compromised immune systems and allergies may get adversely affected by mold spores in the air. On top of these, they also deteriorate the furniture, fabric, properties, etc., at the office.

Ways to prevent Mold and moisture accumulation in a Commercial Building:

Frequent Inspection: Mold can grow anywhere by attaching itself to any organic surface. It just needs darkness, moisture, and a warm atmosphere to grow. The building must be checked regularly at every nook and corner for mold growth. The fuzzy and damp places in the building or on the wall must be inspected frequently. One must also look for a musty smell as it can be a sign of high moisture, which is a perfect spot for mold growth. It is recommended that every nook and corner of the building must be inspected at least four times a year. So, it is better to get commercial cleaners for professional cleaning services.

Proper Housekeeping: Regular and thorough cleaning of the premises must be undertaken to prevent mold growth. While cleaning the mold, a professional cleaner must wear protective equipment.

Undertake Repair work: The building may have cracks or leaks in a few spots. These areas must be repaired urgently so that the moisture doesn't penetrate the building. The moisture can weaken the structure and give the building a shabby look, apart from acting as a catalyst to mold growth. Any penetrations left by an electrician or a plumber need to be sealed immediately so they don't become a source of water intrusion.

Dry the Damp surfaces: It must be ensured that all spillages and leaks in the office must be repaired, and all rooms must be adequately ventilated. The HVAC system must be cleaned regularly; a professional HVAC is also an option one can explore to reduce the spread of mold spores. The humidity and wet areas must be monitored and dried up quickly. Installing a dehumidifier in basements and other areas of your building can maintain the desired humidity level, preventing mold growth. The recommended humidity range is 30% to 50% for indoor spaces. The flat roofs must slope towards a drain so that the water doesn't accumulate on top if it rains. In commercial buildings, like health clubs, water-resistive barriers should be installed behind the shower installation.

Take Professional Cleaners Help: While undertaking the cleaning process, ensure a detailed understanding of the type of mold and the necessary precautions to be adopted to clean such types of mold. molds are of various types; some might be toxic and can be a potential threat to the health of the employees. Hence getting professional commercial cleaning service help can be a good option, at least to determine if the mold is toxic or not. Apart from that, the professionals develop a personalized plan to fight mold infestations which can be a great solution to one's problem. It is also highly advisable to test the area that underwent a cleaning process due to mold manifestation.

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