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10 Surface Areas That Need Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning has usually been a critical part of our day-by-day routine, however, covid-19 has made us greater privy to cleansing benefits. Cleaning helps in controlling the spread of the virus and keeping infections at bay.

Certain places must be cleaned frequently, especially the areas where multiple people work or pay a visit. Such sites have a higher risk of contamination and exposure to the virus.

This article will help you in understanding why high-touch areas need to be cleaned efficiently.

What Is A High-touch Surface?

Places where people frequently touch their hands are called high-touch surfaces. These surfaces can be easily contaminated, like door handles, light switches, and equipment that multiple people share.

A few of such high-touch surfaces are-

1. Communal Spaces - The door handles, stairs, windows, elevators, chairs, tables, showers, etc., of communal or shared rooms are prone to contamination and need to be cleaned.

2. Offices- Printers, doors, elevators, fax machines, laptops and computers, restrooms, and other shared spaces need to be cleaned thoroughly to remove all kinds of germs. An office is at high risk because of many people working in proximity.

3. Educational Institutions Like Schools And Colleges-

Desks, tables, chairs, shower restrooms, etc., are at higher risk of infectious viruses staying on the surface. Many students and teachers touch the equipment and surfaces, increasing the chances of spreading. A well-planned plan can ensure the well-being of staff and children.

4. Religious Congregation Places-

Places like churches and temples house a lot of people in a small area. Tables, doors, and chairs of such businesses have higher chances of having harmful bacteria on them. Commercial cleaning can effectively clean them.

5. Cinema Halls-

Cinema halls are one of the most likely places for nasty bacteria to spread. The seats, railings, restrooms are at risk of attracting harmful bacteria. Proper cleaning can significantly reduce the risk of any contamination.

6. Gyms -

Gyms need to be cleaned more often than any other place. The equipment, showers, restrooms all are at greater risk of infectious viruses and bacteria. Many people touch the same objects throughout the day. Therefore, gyms need to be appropriately cleaned to curb any infection spread.

7. Libraries -

Computers, catalogs, door handles are places where bacteria and viruses can lurk. Libraries are visited by hundreds of people every day and require frequent cleaning to ensure a safe space for the reader.

8. Multi-storey Buildings-

The doors and elevators are at higher risks of contamination due to being touched by hundreds of people in a day. Proper cleaning is the only solution to ensure the safety of the workers and visitors.

9. Restaurants-

Many people in a day visit popular restaurants. The door handles, tables and counter are touched frequently. The visitors also use the restrooms. To ensure the restaurants are a safe space for the customers, it needs to be neat and clean.

10. Hotels-

While the rooms are cleaned after a visitor has left, the premise is usually ignored. The reception area, restrooms, sitting area, etc., need to be appropriately cleaned to stop the spread of any bacteria.

Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting Service for All Types of Environments

Hiring Commercial Cleaners to the rescue-

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